Add two new features to dapps staking

I writing this to submit to the council the possibility to add two new features to the astar portal dapps staking.

  • Flexible Staking (without lock time period) low apy
  • Locked staking (with larger lock period) with high apy.
    .Keep also the current normal staking feature with 10 eras unbounding time.

This will allow more flexibility to the dapps staking at the portal. Users will have more options and more options will allow more users to stake.

Example: an user has 100 000 ASTR but he only wants to lock only 75k astr because he wants to get ready the other 25k for adding liquidity at defi apps or buy an astar degen nft or participate in an IDO committing their astr. Why don’t allow this user stake these 25k astr on flexible terms, maybe the user can let their astr staked on flexible term because he goes vacations, the point I want to arrive is that this will add more possibilities to allow users to stake their astr in different ways, with different scenarios and uses case for astr.


I don’t think it’s a good idea let Astar team take too much effort in these application layer things, it’s better to leave it to dApp teams.