Alnair Finance - Builders Program Application

Greetings, I’m T.S, CEO of Alnair Finance.
It’s my pleasure to apply Builders Program of Astar network. Alnair Finance will be launched on April 2022.

Project Overview
Alnair Finance is a Yield Optimizer Platform that allows users to stake LP-Tokens issued from AMMs (Automated Market Makers) / DEX (Decentralized Exchange) in Alnair Vaults, which automatically harvest and re-stake their rewards as LP-Tokens for a compounding effect. With the ZERO fees from Deposit/Withdraw helping users harvest more rewards automatically with the ease of mind from Gas Fees. The Alnair Finance is a Unique Yield Farm with various of complex strategies and reward $ALNR holders. Alnair users have access to Boosted Vaults, which were designed to boost APR/APY to certain farms.

Project goals
To be an unique yield optimizer & DeFi solution.
With the power of DeFi and NFTs, Alnair Finance can provide users sustainable and fascinating financial returns as well as enjoyable experience.
Alnair Finance aims to be a top dApp in vaults in Astar network.

Benefits we can provide Astar network
The function of Vaults and Zap are indespensable for DeFi ecosystem to scale and Alnair Finance can provide both functions as Astar native dApp.
Vaults enables investors to auto-compound their farms and maximize their financial return as well as stabilize the trading volume in whole Astar native DEX.
Zap enables investors to join yiel farming and vaults by holding single assets and is contribute to lower the difficulties to achieve auto-compounding.
As see from other public chains, vaults and zap are strongly contribute to increase the TVL and stabilize the trading volume and my team would like to full commit the development of Astar network.

Alnair Roadmap

  1. launching -soon after all decided-
  2. add new vault overtime -over the time-
  3. launch p2e (hold xALNR to buy NFT) -within a week or two weeks after launching-
  4. launchpad (hold xALNR qualify for presale) -anytime when new project approached-
  5. reflection token (buyback $ALNR and redistribute, $USDC dividend pool to be added in $xALNR pool) -a month / 2 months after launching-
  6. premium NFT (NFT price sold, % will redistribute back to Premium NFT holder, % buyback ALNR and injected in xALNR pool) -within a month after launch-
  7. lending protocol (xALNR utility) -2 months + after launching-

$ALNR maximum supply cap: 76,532,800 in minimum

$ALNR total pre-mint: 4,000,000
Presale: 3,000,000
Initial Liquidity: 400,000
Marketing/Development: 600,000
$ALNR reward distribution
Total $ALNR farming emissions: 72,532,800
$ALNR farming duration: 730 days

$ALNR public farming emissions:
1 $ALNR per second (86,400 $ALNR per day) public farming emissions
$ALNR team farming emissions:
10% emissions to Dev team to ensure essential growth of Alnair Finance
0.1 $ALNR per second (864 $ALNR per day) team farming emissions
xALNR pool farming emissions:
2% emissions to xALNR pool to encourage investors to stake $ALNR in xALNR pool to infinitely increase the ratio to claim $ALNR.
0.2 $ALNR per second (1,728 ALNR per day) public farming emissions
Check out xALNR token info for more information on xALNR Pool
ALNR auto-burning farming emissions:
3% emissions to dead address directly to decrease $ALNR supplies overtime
0.3 $ALNR per second (2,592 $ALNR per day) public farming emissions

Team members introduction
Taishi CEO
Attended to the composition of derivative products in the market division at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities. He joined the company after experiencing international taxation and valuation consultant at international accounting professional firm. He graduated from the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law.

Lichking CMO
He graduated as Bachelor of Marketing (HONS) in Malaysia Local University and previously working as full time car salesperson and now full time crypto project owner. He has a lot of experience in DeFi industry and formerly worked for JetFuel Finance, Farm Hero etc.

Safe Vitalik CTO
Safe is a lead developer with 6 years of professional experience building scalable web-applications. He also has tons of experience in blockchain engineering and good at coding as well as building a whole apps.

Milestone1(3rd week of March)
Twitter Followers: 50K & Discord verified Members: 15K → 5K USD equivalent ASTR
Milestone2(Beginning of April)
IDO participants: 500 → 3K USD equivalent ASTR
IDO participants: 1000 → 5K USD equivalent ASTR
Milestone3(End of May)
TVL: 50M → 12KUSD equivalent ASTR with 6 months vesting
TVL: 100M → 30KUSD equivalent ASTR with 6 months vesting
Keep developing/ operating/ marketing the product after achieving milestone3.
dAppStaking listing when they launch
Marketing Support
help tweet or post or announce when they create a website, launch, achieve big goals, marketing campaigns. (help community onboarding & promote IDO & promote adding LP tokens)
help networking


Don,t no any offical Guithub address ?

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currently under preparation. after our website opens, will open the github as well. Thanks.

Thanks for your application. Let me make it clear about your milestones:

Milestone1 (3rd week of March)

Community growth for Twitter & Discord verified members.
Twitter: +50,000 followers
Discord: +15,000
Total of $5,000 USD equivalent in ASTR tokens

Milestone2 (beginning of April)

Following KPIs are set:
IDO participants: 500 → $3,000 USD equivalent ASTR
IDO participants: 1000 → $5,000 USD equivalent ASTR

Milestone3 (end of May)

Following KPIs are set:
TVL: 50M → $12,000 USD equivalent ASTR with 6 months vesting
TVL: 100M → $30,000 USD equivalent ASTR with 6 months vesting

It would be great if we could see some kind of pitch deck/demo and off course the development on Github. It’s great that you set up grant amounts based on KPIs!

I would like to add dApp staking listing also with a KPI when reaching a certain TVL.

Thanks for your confirmation. What you summarized is correct.

Currently preparing the website as well as github. After the deploy of smartcontract, will share you separately.
Hope this works.

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Sounds great
Thanks a lot

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Updated Tokenomics as follows:

ALNR maximum supply cap: 17,306,560

ALNR total pre-mint: 2,800,000
Public Sale: 1,500,000
Initial Liquidity: 500,000
Marketing/Development: 800,000

$ALNR reward distribution
Total $ALNR farming emissions: 14,506,560
$ALNR farming duration: 365 days

$ALNR public farming emissions:
34,560 $ALNR per day public farming emissions
$ALNR team farming emissions:
5,184 $ALNR per day team farming emissions
(15% emissions to team to ensure essential growth of Alnair Finance)

disclosed docs and whitepaper



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website is now live.

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Thanks for the proposal. Could you explain what does it mean: “unique yield optimizer & DeFi solution”?

How are you going to deliver it? Could you show an overview of architecture how are you going to deliver it? Your CTO “Safe Vitalik” has Github account? Could you show an architecture of your solution, how do you see liquidity pools in Substrate framework?

Appreciate more technical details explain how are you going to implement the working product. I do not ask about details, just an overview of technical architecture how you are going to implement.