Astar - Osaka city second part

Hi everyone,

As already written in a previous post, I had the call with the Department that deals with partnerships for Osaka city.

They typically connect businesses in the Osaka city area with other businesses intending to operate in Osaka city as well.

They are very happy and welcome to partner with Astar Network, but more than that, they are also willing to do in-depth studies on how to integrate Astar Network into all of Osaka Municipality. I gave them the example of Fukuoka and briefly explained what EVM, WASM are and how parachains work and what the role of Astar Network is within Web3 and as a Polkadot parachain.

I forwarded everything to Kyoka Nakamura, and also forwarded the contact details of the person I spoke to. However, I have not received an answer. I kindly ask to be contacted.

I also specify that in Switzerland I have recently made many calls with Private Equity funds and trust companies that wants to invest money inside crypto projects in Europe for clients that are no-EU residents, and also I started an official collaboration with one of the largest Italian Private Bankers, also sponsor of the Yacht Club of the city of Bari. I make myself available, once Astar Network has consolidated in every single Japanese reality, as Japan is the priority, but afterwards, I make myself available to act as a bridge with Europe, and also to collaborate with all the Teams in the European area. I also have personal contacts within the European Parliament and the Senate of the Italian Republic.

I repeat bluntly, I am sure that myself and the people I follow and collaborate in Europe, with the Astar Network Team, have many values ​​in common.

Kind regards,



Osaka city is a very important center in Japan, of course I’m not Japanese but I know that Osaka city is one of the main cities and it is also very important from a business point of view. I hope the Team appreciates your effort and responds to you, thanks for the work you are doing for Astar Network and the community

As I’m an italian too, I can say you did a great job, you put a lot of effort that not all community members would be willing to do, you put your face for Astar. Well done, I also saw your presentation post and the letters you attached, and since I didn’t trust you at first, I went to check by searching for your name and surname on Google and in fact I saw that you are known in Italy in certain institutional venues, which due to my ignorance I do not know, sorry for this, but I saw the articles with Draghi, Renzi and the Pope Francis, so thanks for letting me know, and again, as an italian I’m proud that a professional, banker, or politic, who ever you are because I saw your are quite a bit everywhere, you are part of this community. As someone has already written, thank you for the work you have done, if the team is made up of serious people, they will be able to appreciate the work done. I just hope you are more present on our Telegram group for the Italian community.

Allow me to tag someone from the community so they can answer you: @sota @moonme