Astr Grant request for building

Requested amount: $170 usd in astr equivalent.
Address: ZkeDbmkmMptgKR7emGCd5XKSuM6PNTYdxwa5aDT5mHUPEqy

Astar Excursions is a long term project that aims to be the first one in accept crypto payments in the world and in my country Cuba , especially Astar, polkadot and our ecosystem stablecoin $BAI payments. We also want to give huge use cases to our NFTs as proof of the purchase of our services and for special bonuses like vip services.

Cuba is one of the #1 Tourists Destinations in the world. We have unique exclusive fantastic places which attracts millions of visitors all years.

Our website:

Twitter: @AstarExcursion

Proof of expenses:
Domain purchase:

Hosting purchase:


Hi Dennis, kindly post also on our Astar Discord, make new thread here in this link : Discord


Interesting. I want to know how do I make the payment when I book a tour on Is there a payment platform or manual p2p?

Also, can I see a sample of the NFT? Is it minted on Astar?

My thought is, if you can have a payment platform that accepts ASTR and the NFT minting dApp where you can use SushiTop’s technology, $170 is too little. Instead, it is worthy to put this project into dApp staking or join the Unstoppable Grant.

  1. Book a tour.
  2. Pay with ASTR.
  3. Customer receives a barcode, scan it and receive an NFT as proof of purchase.

Thank you for this suggestion. Right now I’m receiving the payments from customers personally after finishing each tour.

Develop this payment technology you share would be great, I’m very interested in build this.

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Thank you @souleater , I just posted on our Astar Discord.

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Sure, since it will more make exposure and increasing a chance to collaborate with others


That’s a great idea, Dennis! You should start by testing the business concept with regular payment methods like cash and cards first. This will help you to see if the idea is sustainable and gaining traction before you adn your team consider using cryptocurrencies. It’s important to have solid data and a strong business foundation. If your team is ready to take on this challenge, even if the initial phase doesn’t go as smoothly as you hope. Hope it will be going well and I can go to Cuba paying with $BAI or $ASTR sometime! :v:


Thank you @Matt

I am committed to do my best to make this happen.

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:heart:Astar Community , @sota @Ambassadors Would you like this? :point_down:

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@moonme @Ambassadors @Maarten @sota Please kindly close this proposal. I received the requested amount from a friend. And I shall continue funding the project with my own funds and resources.
Thank you.

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