Create an alternative to not Use Astar Treasury Funds as much as possible

Many dapps and projects are requesting grants from astar Treasury funds, and this will tend to increase along the time. I think we need to find alternative ways to create funds for grants and start to reduce the spending of Astar Treasury funds.

Suggestions: Create a dapp at dAppStaking & diatribute the dividends generated by categories to do so.

Astar Treasury Dapp:

  • For RPC providers payments
  • For Grants asked by some specific dapp building on Astar.

Note: I also think all projects who request a grant should have a dapp(their dapp) on dAppStaking and astr staked by themselves and their comunities to reduce the amount of grants/money they need to request each time and to increase its competency in the market by results obtained and the the amount of supporters they can attract.( Exceptions can be allowed).