DAOLaunch - Builders Program Application

I’m Sakuro, CEO of DAOLaunch.It’s great honor for me to apply Builders program of shiden/aster network. Let me introduce our project shortly.

Project Overview
We are decentralized platform by introducing innovative fundraising solutions to the startup ecosystem.
Currently, startup investment industry is largely lead by VC, they can leverage capital using network as well as their brand, able to negotiate better investment condition to make substantial ROI, majority of their deals are conducted in a closed and private environment.
Most recently retail Investors are more attracted to democratic funding method, we need democratic and practical startup investment approach, to bring more competitiveness and innovation to startup industry, so we start our business with concept of “Decentralized Venture Capital”.

We offers preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investment performance is not editable, DAOLaunch investors can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists and they can negotiate investment terms like traditional VC firms do todays. We aims to change the structure of closed investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure on the blockchain.

Project Screen

More info refer the link below.


dapps(bata released)

You can see how it worked on quick videos from here.

Current Platform features List

  • Token creation for non-developer
  • Decentralized Fundraising
  • Cross-chain Interoperability
  • Secure listing & provide liquidity from raised fund, liquidity auto-lock by smartcontract
  • Soft cap auto return
  • Whitelisting features
  • Token Distribution with vesting period by smartcontract
  • Multiplie Tokensale Features
  • Show Tokenmetrics PieChart based on blockchain date
  • Flexible design/pitch function
  • Enables users to create single/multiple NFT, Build their own NFT Farm
  • Farm/Trade NFT marketplace

Development Roadmap
Total Estimated Duration: 2~3month

Milestone 1

  • Enables projects to create single/multiple NFT
  • Build their own NFT Farm Enables all startups to create NFT farming pool for users who stake native tokens or providing liquidity. Easily build token utility or increase TVL using this function.

Milestone 2

  • Token Distribution with vesting periods by smartcontract
  • Inclusion of the highly editable project page as well as supporting business documents (pitch deck, videos, marketing plan, farming NFT, tokenomics info based on blockchain date, comment, etc)


  • Tokenmetrics PieChart based on blockchain date for every startup, showing key statistics and show locking status on blockchain
  • NFT Farming explore tab, Treasury box- Users able to easily discover exciting farmable NFT to stake their native tokens

Milestone 4

  • Launch on shiden with all functions on the DAOLaunch platform
  • Conduct upcoming startup fundraising on shiden, provide liquidity cooperating with AMM project on shiden/aster network

Future Plans
Enables to create decentralized venture capital NFT(DVC-NFT) for each investors, record investment performance on each NFT, give preferable investment terms to good investors.
It is like you holding VC entity on NFT, enables Trade/Lend your VC Series on DAOLaunch NFT marketplace in future.


Thank you for your submission. I would like to ask some questions.

  • What type of standards does DAOLaunch use to issue NFT or FT?
  • In your estimation, what tokens can be staked on the DAO Launch platform?
  • What is the difference between DAO Launch and IDO?
  • How can you prevent a scam or a fake project on DAOLaunch?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Sota, great to answer.

What type of standards does DAOLaunch use to issue NFT or FT?

Currently, it’s working on ERC20,ERC721,ERC1155, and BEP20/721/1155.

In your estimation, what tokens can be staked on the DAO Launch platform?

We have “Build NFT Farm” Functions, enables all startups to create NFT farm, which let users to farm NFT by staking tokens. Flexibly build what tokens required staking, to farm their provided NFT.
So every startups will create their native token/LP pair staking farm.
As conclusion, four type of tokens.
DAL(our native token), DAL-LP token, every startup tokens, every startup LP tokens.

What is the difference between DAOLaunch and IDO?

Difference between other “IDO Launchpad”
Other IDO Launchpad will choose project by themselves but, we choose featured IDO sale by decentralized voting. (Now developing)
To give incentives for startups “get vote”, we use platform revenue to raise the price for most voted project. Means, buy-back their native token from market after listed, and burn them.We call this system IBO, Initial Buy-back offering, way to support voted project get on success.

Difference between “IDO”
Exit Secured, how much LP provided from raised fund, how long their LP will be locked, and check if startups tokenomics detail and token vesting period on blockchain, all financial info are able to check on tokensale tab before users invest in.
And NFT Farm functions, What kind of NFT able to farm/mint, by investing their tokens.

How can you prevent a scam or a fake project on DAOLaunch?

I will implement KYC/Audit features, only show KYCed/Audited project showing up as default.
And, we conduct decentralized voting process, pick good project per session. Lastly ,we take whitelabeling process by team founder, this is just final confirmation process check if voted project is not scum.

For a while after launch, we will just talk with startup and check if they are legit or scum.
When our ecosystem getting growth, with good investors and good startups, we can gradually getting decentralized.

This is mockup how it worked about Exit secured/NFT Farm, hopes it help.


Great concept, may I ask what are your competitive advantages? Especially when considering some launchpads such as POLS are widely regarded across the industry as top-tier, and can afford to pay influencers to shill bags, how will you compete with them?


Hi opmhero, thanks for question.

I replied our advantages between other IDO platforms from above sota questions but I can tell more things besides that.

basically, we are not allocatoin secure business model which other IDO launch platform does.
DAOlaunch will secure allocation, and also enables investors get favorable investment conditions such as good token price, depend on their invest performance.
We pick one good project by voting but, we enables any startup to use our service, create tokens/ create tokensale, build NFT farm. (you can see how to prevent scam from reply to sota question )

Thing is that when you looking around “fundraising platform” not only crypto, for example republic,foundable, indiegogo,etc which are startup crowdfunding platform and they are more open chances to raise capital for startup, than IDO/IEO platform todays.
With smartcontract technologies, we can secure exit of startup investment, create items and earn royalties with NFT, we should open for all startups to raise fund. I think there are more potentials to grow on social/personal tokens secure IDO market from now, We are creating totally different things compared with other IDO platforms.

here is our competitive advantage map, take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes,i can see some advantages from here


Hi DAOLaunch,

Wanted to comment that I find it interesting that you a ‘DVC-NFT’.
I think more DeFi projects need to innovate in the NFT space. Is this an original concept? Are other projects open to innovating on top of this as well?

There are lots of platform also trying to find democratic startup funding method but, this is our original concept/approach to achieve that.

Really excited for this. I think this is what Crypto needs at the moment. To give people opportunity to open doors for others ~#

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Would love to see this built on Shiden!

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We will, thanks for reply guys :slight_smile:

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I like the DAOLaunch approach to bring something different than business oriented and VC managed starter apps.
Will follow the development of the project and watch closely the democratic and fair approach.
Also, I’d like to see plans for building on wasm in the future :slight_smile:


Hi there, thank you for reply !
We will guide lots of startup with fair investment approach, and definitely build on wasm as well cooperating with AMM project on shiden/aster !


Dear Astar / Shiden Teams and communities.
It has been long time passed that I post here first time, let us update current our milestone and contribution that we have done.

We have conducted Fundraising of 13 startups, We have 64K telegram members, 82K in twitter currently.

We have already integrated SDN / ASTAR on our dApps, we’re fully ready to conduct fundraising on SDN / ASTAR EVM environment.

Development milestone

We have developed and improved lots of functions during past few months, NFT Farm functions is our unique and most exciting functions that we have developed.

Shortly says which enables startups to create NFT farming pool. Startups can select which token to stake, and what NFT will be rewarded for stakers. Most of startups give “Tokens” as reward for adding liquidity or staking tokens, but we enables reward “NFT” as well. Which helps to reduce selling pressure, and gives special reward for stakers.

We are going to conduct bug-bounties regarding NFT Farm functions to communities soon.
Here is our delivered development, all completed.

  • Enables projects to create single/multiple NFT
  • Build their own NFT Farm Enables
  • Token Distribution with vesting periods by smartcontract
  • Inclusion of the highly editable project page as well as supporting business documents
  • Tokenmetrics PieChart based on blockchain date for every startup, showing key statistics and show locking status on blockchain
  • NFT Farming explore tab
  • Integrate on shiden/aster

Bring more utilities with NFT

We worked together with NFTKey, enables limited access website only if you hold specific NFTs.
When releasing content such as text and videos in a limited release, there is a risk that the conventional password method cannot be restricted due to the leaks.

The NFT KEY Protocol makes it possible to easily set pages that only NFT owners can view. Providing it as a Wordpress Plugin allows anyone to publish the page locked by NFT encryption in easy and simple step.

Function list

  • NFT Key setting (Contact address, Token ID)
  • Supported Wallets: Metamask, WalletConect, Fortmatic
  • Video effect setting when the key is opened

We are going to corroborate with Jazz musician, distribute limited access key NFTs, to join their Online Jazz concert. Name called the Ochanomizu Culture Festival 2022, is a jazz festival that will be held from March 31st to April 30th, 2022.

We expect this features will bring more utilities with NFT, which helps to startup ecosystem.

What we are going to do next

  • Conduct bug bounties about NFT Farm functions
  • Bring more utilities with NFT, help and support with startups.
  • Help fundraise of SDN/ASTER Native startups
  • We have integrated SDN / Astar in token claiming function, but we haven’t integrate all of functions yet.We will integrate in all features, one by one.

Thank you for your support !

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