Do great things on Astar!

I have many great things in my mind about Astar and the greatness and I want to share.

-1) Complete Astar $ASTR listing on all major defi dex outside Astar Network ( Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quick Swap and so…) also want to add liquidity on ASTR celer bridge on BNBCHAIN, Polygon, and ethereum. I want astar accessible and available everywhere. Imagine this analogy: Imagine Japan doing business and trades only inside Japan(low growth), to exponentially grow is necessary for Japan to make trade/business with the outside countries EEUU, EUROPE and so… this is my analogy now on astar defi evm, right now we have only business/trade inside astar (ArthSwap, Starlay and so) like when Japan only business/trade inside ( so the growth is low), to exponentially grow we need to business/trade outside Japan( This would be, have presence on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quick Swap and so ) in my analogy. + Running continue marketing campaigns with all this major defi swap teams( Astar around all best Blockchains ).

2)The other thing I want to do is to create/build Dotsama Finance on Astar WASM and EVM using our full potential, with unique features borrow/lending swap nfts and so… Hire a best talent dev team…etc

3)Bring Atlantis Loans, Uniswap, Aave and so… to Build on Astar.
For Atlantis Loans I want to do a Probably Nothing! Unusual thing, I want to buy their governance token and submit to them an irresistible proposal on their dapps to build on Astar…
I’m fully committed to the growth of Astar yes or yes.
I will use all my Ambassador rewards and all my works income here in Cuba to do so and accomplish all these goals for Astar, I’m fully 1001% truly believe Trust in Astar. I’m extremely excited!!!


  1. Add ASTR liquidity + Marketing Campaigns on the Best Blockchains(Ethereum,BNBCHAIN,Polygon).

  2. Bring the best #1 DeFi dapps to build on Astar EVM & WASM ( Uniswap, Aave, Pancakeswap)

Thank you


  1. How can we add ASTR liquidity to other DeFis without using a ton of our funds?
  2. Do you have a project proposal?
  3. What would be the strategy to encourage them to come to us?
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This kind of marketing only attracts tip/bounty hunters. We had several experiences with this kind of campaign and did not see an effectivity at all on bringing liquidity to Astar.

They ask for grants $$. dApps do not migrate chain to chain for free (once our core is WASM I do not think this is useful). I would rather have WASM use cases unique on Polkadot than look to EVM’s old tech.

Thanks for your proposal, Dennis. Let’s bring out more creative ideas. :bulb:


just integrate astar to the trust wallet thanks hoon!
i believe you can

Bring Astar to BNB Chain.

  1. Request Binance to enable the withdrawal of our token to BNBCHAIN and issue: ASTR Bep-20.

  2. Add ASTR liquidity to Pancakeswap:

I will use the dot bep-20 they have as an example:
They currently have 5M of Dot-bep20

  1. Run huge marketing campaign with Pancakeswap to have ASTR officially listed as core asset. They price are only 30k to 100k aprox. They offer cake as rewards, we can rise a liquidity of 3M or 5M aprox.

ASTR will be at Pancakeswap available to trade/buy like DOT. And will be the first parachain doing this. Take dot as an example pic below

After this we Now are available to all BNB Chain users. Now users can Purchase Astar from bnb chain and hodl on Trustwallet. Take pic of dot below as an example

-Users can now buy ASTAR and hodl on their Trust Wallet Mobile app easily.

  • Exposure to all BNB Chain users(thousands of millions)
  • Increase and strengthen our partnership relationship with Binance & Pancakeswap for more collaboration between both parties.
  • Build strong roots meanwhile @sota continues pushing WASM technology.

Why on earth should we pay 100K to get listed on Binance Centralized Chain?


This is optionally, we can add our desired liquidity manually if we don’t want to run the marketing campaign and pay the 100k to them,

Optionally We can also do the marketing process by ourselves, we have a very strong marketing on Astar to do so.

thanks for the proposal i believe if we can listed to pancake large dapps in the ecosystem bnb chain, astar will be hype, and listed to on raydium or serum dapps in the solana ecosytem.

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I will explain to you, many communities from bnb chain or other networks want to join the astar network, but they want astar to be able to enter the trust wallet. because they are used to using the wallet.

we can be listed anywhere, even on the moon and mars, but who is going to put the liquidity there?


maybe we can collaborate with algem, to provide just a little bit of liquidity, and the rest have a campaign made from 2 networks to attract a lot of people to put the liquidity in the pancake.

we have to try new ways to get a lot of users, I hope this can be thought through carefully about the ideas from dennis, by utilizing a larger network at least we definitely get a lot of benefits.I will help as much as I can if this is realized, if it provides liquidity to the bnb chain.


Is there something more than this to add Astar to Trust?
I don’t use this wallet didn’t test.

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yeah we need listed to pancake swap because the trust wallet integrate liquidity from pancake swap.
by making astar native on the bnb chain network is astar bep 20,and open the bridge from bnb chain to astar network.or contact the trust wallet to register the astar original network on the multichain trust wallet

to put liquidity, you need money.

let me tell something, you can go start a project and you need to put the liquidity on a dex or on a cex, where are you going to get this money from?

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im retail investor bro, I only help with my ability like the community.

add the original network astar on trust wallet
if we can’t listed in pancake

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i see u binance users like me

I will put some of the liquidity with my money, and will be adding along the time with the money I’m earning here in Cuba + my income from trading and yield Farming, I’m humble, not have too much, but I’m committed to do my best in my possibilities.

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