Do great things on Astar!

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If all the community members collectively add liquidity there, why not.

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Adding liquidity pairs requires at least $100K at very minimum for pool to stay a minimum balanced.
Unless you are rich and don’t worry about loosing you money in IL, you won’t be able to put this kind of money yourself.

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@sota @Maarten @Ambassadors Community:
Yes we can!

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what is that, astar $6 per token, are you just mint token? :rofl:

@Dennis the idea is exactly what every projects are doing. And there is nothing wrong in it…

But one of the biggest rules of a successful marketing is to be separate from the ‘herd mentality’ and by doing this, we’ll replicate every other project. Rather, we should focus on what makes us unique…

WASM is a superior tech advantage, truly gives Astar an edge and will brings ‘real’ dev+community traction.

Also, as Steve Jobs says, one of the hardest things to do is ‘focus on the core’. Lets not get distracted.


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What is what the other projects are doing that is similar to this proposal? Can you explain please, cause I can’t understand what do you mean?

Thank you

The focus of this proposal right now is:

  1. Request Binance to enable ASTR withdrawal to Bep-20 issuing our ASTR Bep-20 token version.

  2. Add liquidity on Pancakeswap on the pair BUSD/ASTR. ( I will take care of this 2nd step as I said before).

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I agree with you, it can be something very useful

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You have proposed very interesting ideas and I fully approve them, obviously from a technical point of view you need to understand how to do it, where and how to find mathematically measured resources and long-term benefits (including any margins of error). In any case, your idea, reading it, and reading the subsequent comments is perfect.

As for marketing, I take the opportunity to give my opinion on other comments I’ve seen under other posts, so not referring to you.
I think the Team is working very well from a marketing point of view, having worked mainly in sales, marketing and IR, and now I’m working in costumer relations, I know when a company communicates well or not, Astar Network is doing a great job, then again for a mathematical factor we must keep in mind that not all moments are good to invest in marketing. For example, now when the market is on the rise is not a good time, even if my reasoning may seem a bit convoluted, but I’ll explain right away. The market is recovering in these days but it is not at a turning point for the market (it is not a real bull market or a pre-bull market like 2020), therefore, being Astar Network just born, it now needs to develop in terms of technology, efficiency and above all to make winning agreements with solid institutional partners, such as the recent NTT DOCOMO and Accenture. Then marketing will come by itself, and will be even stronger having solid foundations behind it and done in a moment of strength, such as 2024-25 for example, it will bring an excellent return for Astar Network in terms of benefit for the project and also for the token. The Team rightly does not seek the pump but a stable and concrete growth of the project, which will then obviously turn into an exponential growth of the token.

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when? execute this proposals

Astar Core Team, @Maarten @Ambassadors

I need your support on this step. Thank you.

Sorry we cant support this.
Binance already made the integration to our network. Astar core team focus and responsibilities lie inside the Astar ecosystem, not on Binance Chain.

If you want to do it, go ahead, but the core team is not allocating time to this.


Thank you Maarten. I did the request to Binance Exchange to enable ASTR withdrawals to ASTR Bep-20.

Thank you very much Astar Core Team & @Ambassadors for your valuable imputs here in this proposal. @Maarten Please kindly feel free to close this proposal. Thank you

funny community agree this proposals , why not decide with voting?:joy:

You are out of control of yourself right now. I understand you.
Please kindly take a deep breath, practice yoga and meditate for one or two weeks.

Thank you