EmiDAO - Builders Programme Application

:computer: Project Overview
EmiDAO is the world’s first truly autonomous De-Fi focussed DAO, that allows the community to influence the directions of project development. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

EmiDAO has designed a highly scalable De-fi focused cross-chain habitat for innovative entrepreneurs to work collaboratively with each other and their respective communities.

This multi-ecosystem De-Fi platform will bring together various De-Fi elements across from various siloed ecosystems, accelerating innovation.

:eyes: Vision

  1. Empowering users by creating a one-stop-shop for battle-tested de-fi solutions from across the entire space.

  2. Convert knowledge into wisdom by creating a single platform whereby different projects on different blockchains can interact.

  3. To serve as an extension of the business development teams of the blockchains/Networks we operate in by introducing them to our communities and projects.

Project Details

Problem: The current environment is fragmented;

  • High barrier of entry, leading to users sticking to what they know
  • Fragmentation of the industry creates silos of knowledge, users and liquidity

Our Solution: Create a trusted platform that aggregates de-fi solutions from various L1 & L2 ecosystems by supporting founders in;

  • Onboarding to our cross-ecosystem DAO
  • Support in UI+UX
  • Go to market by enabling them to battle test their product with our community
  • Marketing and advisory
  • Partnership introductions to other solutions / networks / blockchains in our community


EmiSwap AMM, the first project of EmiDAO,this module will behave as the centerpiece of our EmiDAO ecosystem supplemented by $ESW governance token.

EmiSwap provides:

  • Complete distribution of it’s profits to ESW holders, creating passive income streams for holders enabling them to invest and interact more in the ecosystem
  • Ethereum gas fees are refunded to the users
  • High incentives and rewards for early adopters like swappers and liquidity providers
  • Single-side staking for projects’ native tokens
  • LP staking
  • Break-through in DEX utilisation of NFTs: NFT-enabled loyalty program powered by our in-house built Oracle that gamifies the user experience & enhances user yield farming rates.

The wider EmiDAO ecosystem is currently supporting:

Fund Movr:

  • Enables movement of funds between various L2s
  • EmiDAO has provided support in UI and marketing


  • Provides permission-less flash-loan pools for any crypto asset
  • EmiDAO will provide a sandbox environment to test product


  • Provides AMMs with affordable one-click Market Making
  • EmiSwap will provide Uboost with access to liquidity and community


Please contact Ismail for further images

:adult: Team

We have a global decentralised team. please contact Ismail for further information.

Greg (CEO & Founder):
Grigory Rybalchenko is the CEO of Emirex. Grigory is a former Accenture management and technology leader with degrees from prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School. He is also the founder of many prominent tech startups with clients like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Mars.

Active in the crypto space since 2012, as an early adopter of Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies, Grigory advised several token offerings on strategies and digital token models, including governmental and private companies in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. He aided their blockchain implementation efforts and created a blockchain platform as a service to run token offerings.

Ismail (Head of Strategic Partnerships):
Ismail holds a bachelor’s degree in Medical Engineering and a Masters in International Business and Strategy. A versatile strategist with a background in entrepreneurship, Ismail committed to expanding the reach of decentralised technologies globally. Having led strategic partnership deals with companies such as UBS, Rothschilds, Freshworks, Pitchbook and more, he brings a depth of experience in creating ecosystems that bring value to its end users.

Marina (Chief Creative Officer):


Competitive Advantage:

Emiswap product is complete
Projects already onboarded including healthy pipeline
Only DEX with NFT functionality (MVP is Live)



  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Near Protocol
  • Avalanche
  • KCC

Centralised Exchanges:

  • Bitmart
  • IDCM
  • Emirex


  • YEL
  • Sheesha Finance
  • BrezekaDAO
  • MantraDAO
  • MahaDAO


:dart: Development Roadmap
Total Estimated Duration: 6~8 months

Milestone 1

  • Develop Farming pools on Shiden/Astar
  • Enhancing liquidity on EmiSwap
  • Community growth – increase by 20%
  • Create a partnerships with VCs, De-Fi protocols and Launchpads

Milestone 2

  • Develop limit, stop limit, stop market orders, and more for Emiswap
  • Collectible NFT Cards: Card-holders will gain access to exclusive offers and events (and may sell the NFTs on popular marketplaces)
  • Create 5 new meaningful partnerships
  • Increase community by 10%


  • Utility NFTs farming: NFTs increase user’s rewards on the EmiSwap DEX,
  • Card Wars: Card-holders will engage in immersive Card Battle tournaments (similar to Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone) to win valuable prizes.
  • Integrate EmiDAO bespoke Oracle on the Shiden network to provide user incentives.

:satellite:Future Plans

Develop, with the support of experts and community, a novel Decentralised Direct Democracy Voting system.

Enhance our Oracle to create public APIs that can be used to track transactions and data on the Shiden Network.


Hi Ismail,

Thanks for applying.

I can see some uniqueness in the product that you are building. We hope that by joining the Shiden ecosystem, we will be able to attract more users into the platform.


Thank you for your submission!

Could you mention the estimated end date of each milestone?


Thank you, it means a lot. Shiden perfectly aligns with our value proposition, and we are determined to champion the De-Fi through knowledge.


Sorry about that, I thought I put them in!

Milestone 1: 2 months
Milestone 2: 3.5 months
Milestone 3: 2.5 months


when this project start?

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Already launched, their telegram is where we all hang out :slight_smile:

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Tell us more about the planned nft-mechanics, please

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I really love how emiswap cares about their current and potential customers. They make 1on1 interview with their customers and asking for future developments. I believe that effort pays in time and Emiswap got anything to be successful.


C’mon Emiswap!!! Yes we can :white_heart:


They already released the EmiSwap DEX. Quick update regarding the project development:

  • Completed audits by Hacken and BlueSwarm
  • Launched high yield farming & staking pools
  • Integrated with KuCoin blockchain (NEAR, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Avalanche is coming)
  • Won a grant from NEAR Foundation
  • Released the first NFT collection

Hi Smeshny - Just saw this apologies !

Please check this article out that explains it all : All you need to know about NFT Magic Cards | by EmiSwap | Medium

EmiDAO Builders Program
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One more question,

If I stake SDN on Emiswap via dapp staking, you would earn SDN from block rewards.

Since you are earning, do you have plans to re-incentivize those who stake on you e.g ESW or NFT airdrop?


Hi Moonme,

Without a doubt, we are a true DAO. Whatever EmiDAO earns, we share it.

Also, NFT airdrops is a cool idea !