Ethereum compatibility on Plasm Network

Dr. Gavin Wood mentioned Ethereum compatibility at Sub0.1 yesterday. And today, we are super excited to announce that we support Ethereum Virtual Machine on Plasm Network! Yay!

Currently, only Dusty Network supports EVM as the first test. Please check out the document below and let’s deploy the first Solidity contract with Metamask and Remix.
The advantages of EVM integration is as follows

  • You can deploy the existing solidity smart contracts on Plasm Network.
  • You can use the existing tools like Metamask and Remix.

But we still have some remaining tasks as follows

  • PLM tokens deposit from EVM accounts.
  • Cross VM (EVM, WASM contracts, OVM) interoperability.

Next steps

  • Fixing bug and enhancing compatibility with current toolsets like Truffle and Metamask.
  • Runtime upgrade of Dusty as public tests for EVM compatibility.

We are looking for projects that are interested in making DApps on Polkadot. Our goal is to make a scalable smart contract platform on Polkadot supporting cutting-edge layer2 solutions. Please contact us either on Discord or Telegram!


nice,these advantages be useful in ever other solutions

Great work! This will help for sure adoption and developing of DApps on Plasm! :wink:

Totally agree! Plasm will be huge :wink: