EVM to exchange

A beloved user in the Astar Unofficial telegram chat has accidently sent ASTR to Huobi through an EVM address (Resulting in a burn currently)…
Is there any plan to resolve this issue?
Is it possible to have all funds sent through an EVM address to automatically be converted through a native DOT address?



I suspect this is the same guy that contacted me on discord.

He sent from his evm address to huobi’s native address. The tokens are now stuck on huobi’s evm deposit.

It is only possible to withdraw the evm deposit provided if huobi has the key to the native address, connect to our portal, click the “withdraw evm deposit”.

The thing is, Huobi does not have the key. Their system generates a deposit address that will automatically transfer the tokens to the hot wallet. They have no access to the evm deposit.

This is a very sad scenario. Losing funds is not fun.

We have published many tutorials stating that do not send tokens to exchanges on evm. But still, not everybody read them.

Right after knowing this case, I asked the dev to put a warning on the portal, "you are on evm mode, do not send funds to exchanges. But still, I came across another guy who did the same.

So, our next step is to put a tick box that says “i am not sending funds to exchanges”. If this box is unticked, the confirm button won’t work.

We are also working with exchanges to enable evm transfer. h160-h160 only. But not h160-ss58.

Education is very important here, since we are dealing with multi virtual machine. We hope that the community can always take care of each other. We need to make them learn things by reading instructions instead of assumptions.

If you are running the unofficial channel, please pin all the tutorials.


Hello, yes is me, I am trying to find help everywhere to see if I can recover my funds. I wished to have a warning in the portal because it allowed me to send the funds and get into this problem now.
Do I have any hope from the Astar team to recover my funds? like an evm transfer or something?
Thank you

It is not possible to recover this.

I feel very bad, because I have supported Astar since the lock with Ethereum, and the truth is that there was never any alert on the astar portal that warned me that I could not send Astars to exchanges.
I ask you please if you can support me, considering me into an Astar ICO, NFT, or something where I can contribute as an initial investor, please.

Your failure to see the warnings is because you did not read the information from https://docs.astar.network/ before making a transfer.

We have warned many times from when the Shiden network deployed EVM to the Astar network.

Can we revert the transaction somehow?
double spend/hardfork etc?
Just throwing out ideas :sweat_smile:

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it is very sad to see the tragedy that the guy sufferd.
but could you project team take blow suggestion into consideration:

  1. create a funcion to stop the human error,while transfering tokens between wallet and exchange ,since not every user is well trained or have enough time to grasp the essiencial knowledge;
    2.spread more education and annoucement. lots of us common users are hard to obtain enough information, meanwhile,that will do develop the community ;
    3.why not issue a public voting to decide whether we can use some treasury to help the guy’s lost ,of course after confirming the fact , maybe another warm-hearted scenario ;
    we trust you team and great project , as a newer to astar and the forum, so feel free to express my own opinion(maybe ridiculous). really hope astar is decentralized and open to everyone.
  1. Tutorials have been shared on discord and local community telegram channels. Myself and the ambassadors have also been spending a lot of time educating users. I also did many one on one session.

  2. After we placed a warning on the portal, some users still sent tokens to exchanges while on evm mode.

Here is what we are going to do next.

  1. Place a tick box (I am not sending funds to exchanges) while on evm mode.

  2. Put the links to the tutorial on the portal.

If these still doesn’t prevent the mistakes, I don’t know what to say.

Most of these mistakes were made because people made assumptions, instead of wanting to read instructions.

Like the guy above, he actually sent 10 ASTR first. This is the correct method, try with a small amount. But when the 10 ASTR didn’t arrive, instead of trying to find out if anything is wrong, he sent 12k ASTR to the same address.

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I did the same and incinerated one bonus. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Since the spread by YouTube is widespread in Japan as well, many Japanese will suffer damage when leaving a site where only MetaMask can be used after the staking of Earth Swap is completed. Beginners can’t understand how it works at all. It is a level that makes me feel malicious why the site of Erswap is linked only to MetaMask.

There’s gotta be a better alternative?
Is there not another way that can built from the chain?