Important Step for SiO2 & Starlay Finance

Dear SiO2 & Starlay Finance, @Matt & @Chest , I write this proposal to push the Mobile Compatibility from the projects you represent ( Starlay & Sio2). This is a (must) , not just a simple feedback.

It is a shame that the two best lending platforms on Astar dosen’t have the very important mobile compatibility yet, almost 1 year since the launch. This is a feature that can be developed in 1 month or less, you want to make the hard(build on WASM and can’t make the easy(make available wallet connect or mobile browser availability for metamask). Atlantis Loans did this in 3 weeks on BNBCHAIN and Polygon both, and dosen’t has the huge support and money (Starlay & SiO2 have).

Time for a story::sunglasses:

Last week I was in a Hotel here in Cuba, Hotel Cohiba. I saw a very nice electric bike that was in sales in the near supermarket. But, I haven’t cash with me. Only my mobile.

With two clicks I opened Venus Protocol from my mobile and borrowed $1000 USD and bought my yellow electric bike.

This is the first electric bike on Cuba bought with crypto officially. Real use case. These kind of things is what I want to make possible with Astar, an Astar used everywhere on earth by the average people. But first we need to do the easy things.

Below a proof of the bought and the tx

Thank you


That is a nice story. Meanwhile, you can try Mises browser on Android and enable desktop site.

SiO2 via metamask on mobile works pretty fine for me tho. Also SiO2 is available in Mises Browser too👇

In the case of SiO2, why it is not announced officially that SiO2 supports metamask mobile wallet version?
Do you can borrow, supply and repay your assets from mobile? It is possible to do all functionalities like from the PC?

Does The screen issue SiO2 had since its launch that freezes the screen from mobile was fixed?

Based on this article below from google almost 50% of people use mobile, so we are loosing the half of world’s users.

I invited mises browser team on a Tweet to participate in this debate and I’m reaching them on their social media.

Regard Mises Browser: Is very unsafe for me until they proof the contrary.

The metamask they have is a built in package, they are not official partners with metamask, who can guarantee the security?

Why mises browser tweeter isn’t followed by metamask or any important crypto big players and why is asking for tips on Twitter and the main website?


These are all the mobile wallets available to connect with Venus

Their TVL is above 1 Billion

Instead of saying what we already have, I think is better to talk with dev team, take action and have a minimum 3 or 4 good mobile wallets available.
Thank you

Do Google chrome browser and Firefox have a partnership with Metamask, Polkadot.js, Subwallet, Nova etc?

Browsers are browsers. Just that Mises browsers supports extension on Mobile.

I would like someone from the mises team explaining why is safe to our users store our private keys by using mises browser. Imagine if I share a tweet saying mises browser is safe and all our mobile community start to use it, month after, they lose their funds due a security issue on mises or a hack: I would put at risk our community, this is a high responsibility I think. Remember the past hacks with solana extension or the vulnerability chrome had time ago that allowed hackers to access. Mises is very new. Where would you prefer to deposit your savings if you have to choice: on Binance or on a new exchange with only two years of experience?

Please dyor. Check their github and stuff.

You do not store the seed on the browser. You enter the seed on the metamask extension.

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Yes yes, they also told me you can uninstall the build in metamask the browser has and download it directly from the metamask official site for chrome because mises is also compatible with Chrome Store extensions.

Thank you

Ok Thank you to all participants in this conversation.
I said my message to build more friendly mobile dapps on Astar.

Hope more Mobile wallets like(Trustwallet, Safepal…wallet connect compatibility)
are available to choose soon on our dapps.

@moonme feel free to close this topic

Thank you

Your post inspired me to try something I’ve always wanted to do.
That’s by buying bananas with the Astar Degens NFT Holders Reward.
I was able to buy bananas by just operating my iPhone, but I hope that the steps will be reduced a little more. :smile:

  1. Receive Astar from Astar Degens to Metamask
  2. Swap Astar to JPYC on Arthswap
  3. Buy online visa prepaid card with JPYC
  4. Register online visa prepaid card to QR code payment service
  5. Buy bananas with QR code payment service

Thank you


@sota @0xRamz @Ambassadors

Brilliant! Rarara.

Can we share this on social media?
Thank you

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Wow. Yes, please.

Thank you,

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You`re a true Banana Degen, legend!


Tell me if you like this tweet:

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