Launching JPYC on Shiden

Project Overview

The First Japanese Yen Stablecoin in Japan

JPYC (JPYCoin) is the first Japanese Yen Stablecoin in Japan utilizing blockchain technology (ERC20). It runs on the Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Xdai and can be used to buy and sell goods at 1 JPYC = 1 yen at all times. It can be used as a Japanese Yen denominated coin in your wallet, such as Metamask, or in the secondary distribution market, such as Uniswap.

It’s the only stable coin in japan, which is working in accordance with Payment Act Law in Japan.

Team:JPYC ,Inc


Track Record:Over 2 Milion $ worth JPYC has been issued in 9 month since the launch. (2021/09)

Github:jpycoin (JPY Coin) · GitHub

Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: 2~3month


  • Estimated End Date: By the end of October (up to development on Shiden side)

  • Deploy Bridge of JPYC / Deploy Token JPYC on shiden


  • Estimated End Date: By the end of November (up to milestone 1)

  • Security Check (Audit)


  • Estimated End Date: Early 2022 (up to milestone 2)

  • Start service with liquidity mining program

Future plan

We are thinking of expanding both Defi area and Payment area as JPYC is a stable coin that is working in accordance with payment act law in japan

(Defi area)

  • Expand JPYC on Multi Chain (Ex.Astar, Avalanche, Solana, etc)

  • Start liquidity mining program on DEX on Astar network.

  • List JPYC on Major Exchanges.

  • Make a partnership with other stable coin company (ex Circle)

(Payment area)

  • Expand JPY Payment with an external merchant, making our payment API available to every merchant in Japan.

  • Enable JPYC minted from Astar to exchange e-money. (ex. V-Preca gift, which is online money that can use be used at online Visa merchant.)


Cant say more, we definitely need


Great to have JPYC on Shiden!

It seems JPYC needs liquidity for the stability of the value.

Usually, we support projects through dApp Staking(for Application track) or Grant(for infra track & proven dApps), but supporting JPYC through providing liquidity seems a good option. Ecosystem Growth Fund is able to help this.


suggest support lquidity more well


Thank you very much for your comments.

Yes, as you mentioned, we are working on having more liquidity of JPYC, and we hope we work with Shiden for not only liquidity, but also creating new network synergy for each other. for both Defi and Payment area.

At this moment JPYC is quite popular in some Japanese Market in some defi services such as SushiSwap(Kashi), QuiickSwap and so on.

QuickSwap:QuickSwap Info

It will for sure bring community the opportunity of Japanese yen Stablecon.

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JPYC Builders Program
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Would be a great asset to have in our ecosystem.
Thanks for applying to the builders program.

Thank you too for this opportunity!!
Hope we can expand both of our ecosystem by this collaboration.

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I donated to this project in gitcoin round 11 and am optimistic about it.


Thank you very much for donating.
Really appreciate your support and we will do our best.


Congrats JPYC! The application has been approved.