Lucky dApp - update the dApp owner


Because the Lucky dApp is 100% automated and technically decentralized via smart contracts on Astar Network and Phala Network, the current owner of the dApp is a smart contract.

It’s been like this since we registered Lucky in the dApp Staking. Indeed, in the dApp Staking V2, developer rewards were always sent to the dApp owner.

However, the dApp owner is also the address granted to update the description of the dApp in the Astar Portal. This is why we never updated the description of the dApp from the beginning.

With the dAppStaking V3, a new concept has been introduced: the beneficiary. This means we can seperate the owner of the dApp and the beneficiary of the rewards.
For Lucky, the beneficiary of the rewards will always be the wasm smart contract, to remain 100% automated and technically decentralized.
But to update the description of the dApp in the Astar Portal, the Lucky team address (ZjyoCabAjvNo9Evx1jc4Kysi3mG5ynchMcn6JPkR5c4SiYh) must be the dApp owner (until the chain extension for dApp staking is available and the Lucky governance is also decentralized).

To update the dApp owner of the dApp in Shiden, we have to call the set_dapp_owner method in the dapp_staking pallet with the following parameters on Shiden Network:

Wasm smart contract: X6ykUS6L6CH4EoZitZsYJsCxH2AGk2ky9G6a2xeu1W9ffTP
New owner: ZjyoCabAjvNo9Evx1jc4Kysi3mG5ynchMcn6JPkR5c4SiYh

encoded call data: 0x220301339e443e102a0f8c36114ddc7b569bd00e1052207ddbd5f89d03bfd34ce9997aa84ef8c0efdd519e001cb3f5b6351725178283edf1b122a464f0a0f425699759

Normally, this call must be run by the dApp owner (ie the smart contract).
Because there is no chain extension for dApp staking in wasm smart contracts, the smart contact cannot call this extrinsic.
That is why I created this proposal to request to call this extrinsic with sudo/root privileges.

It was sucessfully tested on Shibuya few days ago:
This proposal is to run the extrinsic call on Shiden Network.
Then, I will prepare the same proposal for Astar Network.

Please feel free to ask any questions


Of course, if the Astar core team could add a editor role that allows an address to update the description of the dApp on Astar Portal, this would be great.
This way, the editor will not be necessarily the dApp owner.



If that’s the case, I think it would be appropriate to allow the addition of an editor role for dApp pages. This is because for dApps that are built decentralized, there is no concept of an owner, so editor roles should be fluid. In that case, roles other than the owner should be necessary.

However, I don’t know if such a configuration is possible as a function of the current Portal, so in the short term it may mean changing the address of the dApp owner.

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Thanks for sharing the info. Great stuff I did not know about! Lucky dApp is some great tech that it works 100% technically decentralized.

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Totally agree with you! Adding this role can be significant in the long term.


Thanks for the updates.

Update Lucky dApp Owner
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Voted yes. I think updating the Lucky dApp owner is a good approach in this case.

Voted AYE. Thanks for the innovative approach!

Voted YES! Great to see real decentralization on Astar through these SC!

Glad to know that Lucky dApp is fully decentralized now, and I would like to support it, the Astar core team with editor role seems like a good solution as well, not sure if that’s possible

Fully support this proposal =)

Voted Yes ! Thanks GuiGou for sharing and updating us :slight_smile:

Voted yes. Guigou has explained everything, thanks for that!

Very well explained and the development of the project is on track, I support the proposal.

Voted Yes ! support this proposal.

Hi @GuiGou

The vote is passed, I will inform the team to update the owner of Lukcy’s dApp on Shiden as requested.

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Congrats Lucky, stay fun and decentralized!

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Thanks @Gaius_sama,
Please could you inform me when the owner will be updated?
I will have to update the dApp rewards beneficiary (by default, it’s the owner) with the smart contract address so as not to change the behavior of the dApp.

Congratulations to the team. I hope we’ll get to do fun things together. =)