Marketing Strategy + Protect users feature

I think in these times we can do a kind of marketing strategy campaign focusing on Protecting our Users and Community is one of our priorities. This can be very successful. Many users and investors are needing protection right now. And they will go to the place where they feel more safe. We can attract lot of new potential investors and developers to astar network. I’m also thinking in a kind of secure for users on astar dapps staking. Something to refund users if something happens. This feature can be a big difference between Astar Network and other blockchains.

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What kind of protection are you talking about?

FYI, InsureDAO will be launching on Astar very soon and defi protocol users can opt to pay for the insurance.

Is this something that you are looking at?

But, if you are looking at refunding users for sending funds to a wrong wallet or for not reading the tutorial properly, then this is not something we want to achieve. Users should be responsible for their actions.


Insure Dao is very interesting… Thank you