Poll: Whether We Should Issue Token for Unclaimed Participants of Lockdrop#2 or Not

The First Community Poll: Whether We Should Issue Tokens for Unclaimed Lockdrop#2 Participants or Not.

The Requirement to vote.

We will conduct off-chain voting on our forum. To prevent any exploitations such as creating bot accounts for duplicate votes, participants must have above 1 trust level in our forums to cast a vote. This can be obtained by reading and participating in the forums for a specified amount. Please note that the trust level system is automatically provided by the forum itself and we do not manually assign these levels.

Voting Period

We will start the voting from December 4th at 10 am (GMT +8) to December 7th at 10 am (GMT+8) .

First Community Vote Topic

Whether We Should Issue Tokens for Unclaimed Locks for the Second Lockdrop Participants or Not.

As most of our community members might be aware, our second ETH lockdrop was finished around 2 months ago. 9,325 people (addresses) participated in this lockdrop. Despite our best efforts from the core team and ambassadors to reach out to the community regarding the deadline of the lockdrop reward claims, around 9% of people were not able to claim PLM tokens. To give people more time, we extended the claiming period for 16 days but we still have 6.9% of people who failed to claim their rewards.

Here are the facts.

Fact No1 October 5th

  • Number of locking transactions: 9325
  • Claimed: 8477
  • Unclaimed: 848

9% of participants didn’t claim by October 5th, the original due date.

Fact No2 October 5th

We have extended the claim period to October 21st. (Added 16 days)

Fact No3 October 21st

  • Number of locking transactions: 9325
  • Claimed: 8675
  • Unclaimed: 650

We still have 6.9% of people who failed to claim their rewards. Because we couldn’t keep the lockdrop module open forever, we had to conclude that those participants are just frozen accounts who cannot access their Ethereum account or they decided not to claim their lock rewards for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, after closing the lockdrop, participants who failed to claim the token requested that Plasm Network should mint the tokens for the people who could not claim during the initial timeslot. The most prominent reason so far was that they were unaware of a deadline.

Because Plasm Network is getting closer to becoming a permissionless public blockchain with the PoS migration around the corner, we think it is natural to ask the community to decide on this matter.

We want to emphasize that voting rights are given to people who have at least participated in our community (namely on the Plasm Forums) for a short duration. Voting rights are not based on any type of staking or on-chain assets. We encourage everyone in our community to participate in this poll as this will be the start of Plasm Network’s effort to achieve decentralized governance and give autonomy to the community who helped build this network. Whatever the result may be, the Plasm team will honor the decision of the community.

Should We Issue Token For Unclaimed People?
  • Yes, we should issue.
  • No, we shouldn’t issue.

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The number of people who own the right to vote.

2020/12/04: 78
2020/12/05: 81


I am not able to vote. Are the radio buttons on top working?

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You have to read, write, and post topics. And you need to see more than 60mins.

We need to prevent malicious behavior. And it makes sense a lot to hear people’s voices who contribute to Plasm Network a lot rather than people who joined yesterday.


Regardless the result, I assume that some people will complain about the way how voting works. In this case, please make a new topic to describe your best solution and how to prevent malicious attacks. Explain and convince instead of criticizing.


Once we have met some of this credentials will our account update? I just signed up a couple of days as i wasn’t even aware there was a forum.

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Yes, it will update automatically, you will get a message that you reached the trust level Basic.


I agree with you that people do criticize the way to find a solution to the problem and do not propose any solution, although I also agree that voting in the forum is not the best solution since apparently many people do not know or knew on the other media like Discord or Telegram.

So I would like to propose that those of us who have not claimed the tokens for whatever reason, we show our support for the project in the 3rd lockdrop.

Since it is the most important to win a parachain slot and it is necessary to attract the maximum possible DOT investment, then those of us who want to continue supporting the project, we are provided with the 2nd lockdrop tokens along with those of the 3rd when blocking our DOT .

I believe it is a win-win solution for both for the 6.9% of the community that didn’t claim the PLM and the project and rest the community, as it will ensure the true loyalty of those who want the project to succeed.

I think that the details would have to be specified, blocking a minimum DOT, maybe over 50 or 60 would be affordable so as not to leave anyone out, but this would have to be discussed.


Every community member should vote and express his will!

I voted! :ballot_box:

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It can be a good solution

I hope the community will resolve this and everyone will be happy. In life, it is impossible to please everyone no matter which way you vote. There is always someone who will not be pleased. I think Sota is dealing with this in the best way possible. This is good for Plasm. It shows the Plasm team is serious about community governance. Hopefully governance will soon be built into Plasm just like in Polkadot.


Is posting a topic a requirement?


I think that the community have to vote this one. I’ll vote.


No it’s not a requirement.
I just look at your stats and these should be ok for voting.

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Isn’t write same as post? What is the difference?

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I am not able to vote.I have read more than 1 hour


You need to increase your trust level by engaging in the forum. I m in the same boat as you!


I can’t vote because the trust level isn’t enough.

It’s been less than a few days since I created an account?