Question to Starfish Finance, created by the user sephiroth

Transparency and Integrity are the main values have been part of Astar Community and its ecosystem. In name of showing clarity to Starfish Finance community and answer all their questions to Starfish Finance team, I am going to be taking care of continuing the Proposal Questions To Starfish Finance.

Previously the user @Sephiroth wrote:

Saying this the doors are oppened to Starfish Finance team & their community to continue the transparent and open debate here.
@marscaptain @Tunkas @Uranus

Thank you

Dude, isn’t Sepiroth yourself?

Why are you doing this? Why are you using 2 accounts?


Hi Dennis,
Thank you for reviving the topic. I believe that I have already addressed the concerns of this community member. Would you like to ask another question?
Thanks and happy holidays

Yes, I have some questions in name of Starfish Community & Investors:

Starfish Finance raised a Hard Cap amount of $1,800,000 USD during the $SEAN token sales, each $SEAN token was sold for $0.04 USD equivalent.

  1. Your dex was launch 1 month ago aprox, with 4 farm pools, (bai/dai/ceUSDC/USDT) , (ASTR/ceUSDC), (DOT/ceUSDC), (SEAN/ceUSDC). 1.1) Why did Starfish Finance add a very small amount of liquidity to all its farm pools 185 usd to SEAN/ceUSDC at the beginning and until last week 1.8k, 7 K to dot/ceUSDC , 14k to ASTR/ceUSDC, 15-25 k to (Stable Pool)? This creating high prices impact and high slippage. This with all the respect you deserve is one of the baddest things one dex can do when add liquidity to their pools. The users who trust in you, are the most damaged with this bad practices incurring in several loses.
    1.2) Do your liquidity tokens smart contract have the protection to avoid the first liquidity provider take off the all the liquidity? This one is for the dev team.

  2. With all the respect you deserve, Why is your team lying to the community telling that there is a bug with the harvest button, while the reality is that the amount of SEAN tokens you provide to the harvest Vault address is a really very small amount of SEAN tokens to be distribute to the farmers and this amount it is not enough to cover a single day of harvest. Again with all the respect you deserve, like cz Binance often says : The Blockchain allways says the truth, the banks can lie but not the Blockchain. Transparency Please.

  3. Again with all the respect you deserve. Is your team Hiding something? Why when someone of the community talk about these topic in public you send them to a ticket and ask to not talk in public?

  4. Why after the user @Sephiroth started the debate here, the team moves 900k to the usdt-ceUSDC pool? With all the respect you deserve
    Are the team fearful of something?

Please kindly tell me when I am wrong, but is my duty to protect the community, and Astar Ecosystem wellness, harmony and Integrity.

Thank you

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Hi Dennis,

Thank you for the questions. Please see my feedback as follows:

  1. I am not sure if I understand this correctly. The Starfish users can add and withdraw their liquidity as per their needs and expectations. If the liquidity grows, it is a good sign for our protocol as people start to use it. This is what the Starfish team is working on to achieve. Shouldn’t be Starfish investors and community be happy to see the popularity grows?

  2. Sure, you can monitor the address for on-chain activity. It’s one of the principles of Web3 and blockchain. Our team calls it a “bug” because we are coming up a solution to make this easier for the reward harvesting. You are totally right in the sense that it isn’t a “bug” as a technical error. Either way, the reward calculation is correct, the users experience inconvenience, but they can always harvest the rewards once the vault is filled. In case it isn’t, you are welcome to raise this to the team.

  3. Submitting a ticket to the team is a usual community management practice for all web3 projects, even for any businesses. This is to help the team troubleshoot and concentrate the topics/problems more effectively. And I don’t think community members chatting about what others are doing for Christmas would like their conversations interrupted by a member’s question to the Starfish team in the main chat. If anyone’s looking for conspiracy behind the Starfish team, I am afraid that we are just one of the builders in the space and trying to build and grow our work in time.

  4. I am sorry, I really don’t get what you mean here. Again, if the protocol’s growing in TVL and popularity, shouldn’t the Starfish community be happy about it?

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@marscaptain Thank you for answering my questions.

Saying this I don’t have more questions


@Maarten feel free to close this proposal.

I saw Starfish Finance TVL has increased to 1M+ which is good for our ecosystem.

Maarten, I think is good they apply for listing on our dapp staking.

Thank you for participating. Happy Holidays and New Year. Thank you.

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