Question to Starfish Finance

Dear @Uranus and Starfish Team we wrote the present letter to advice we’re processing a demand with our local regulatory authorities to your team due Scam and possible money laundry on Astar Network, Ethereum Uniswap(V2) and the Centralized Exchange Involved (Huobi).

We encourage Astar Network to cease any related activity with the involved parts as our investigation continues.

We have introduced members of our team on your Communication Official media.

Starfish Finance raised a hard cap amount of 1.8 Millions USD equivalent during its tokens sales for a fix price of 0.04 USD. Now is using their Decentralized Exchange on Astar Network on irregular activities freezing investors funds and operations, imposibilitating to withdraw or harvest, manipulating SEAN token price incurring in several losses to the investors who participated in the token sales the Starfish Finance team is involved.

With the present we give faith that the exposed here was officially announced to the involved parties.
Thursday, December 22, 2022.

Hi, thank you for your information. Let me address your queries. First, there might be a small bug regarding the harvest button, and we are already taking care of the issue, please allow some time for our dvps to fix this. You might as well submit a ticket on Discord for the team to look at next time. That way we can have a quicker answer for you and we can handle the situation faster.

Secondly, Starfish Finance is a very young protocol/project which we managed to get listed on a top tier CEX in the crypto winter. It has only been two months since we got listed, one month since our mainnet has gone live. We understand our community is concerned with the token value, but please understand that Rome isn’t built in a day. Our team continues to develop the protocol and involve more partners and functionalities. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Starfish is a scam so fast. However, we are also aware of certain investor behaviour to expect a project to skyrocket in the first few days and dump on the project to make profits. I am afraid that we can’t control this market behaviour, there is volatility in the market and risk in investment.

After all, this is the spirit of decentralisation. The Starfish team doesn’t manipulate the token’s value. It’s all up to the hands of the investors. If any community member loses their confidence in the project, they are also free to make their own judgement and adjust their investment strategy. We can only respect their decision, and focus on our own work.

Our team will look into the harvest button and let you know when it’s fixed. Meanwhile, my advice is not to confuse a minor and temporary bug with a coordinated, planned scam. SBF and FTX didn’t invest in Starfish, and our team is still busy working on the product even though everyone is on holidays these days. We are here to adjust all these concerns and answer our community’s inquiries. We still work closely with the Astar Network team and foster new partnerships. We look forward to the year of 2023 and we wish everyone a Merry Cryptsmas.

I would also like to address the accusations of money laundering. May I ask what kind of irregular activities are you referring to? As a top tier CEX, Huobi has a strict and rigid due diligence process that our team has spent months to fulfil their requirements. If a community member thinks something is off on Huobi, they might as well share their observation to the CEX for further investigation.

Just to get more perspective - for how long had the ‘Harvest’ button bug been present and for how long did the Starfish Finance team been aware of it?

On monday, January 9, 2023 We shall be delivering remarks on the process.

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