Reactivate our English Official Telegram enabling speaking and having both things available Discord & Telegram. " Community is King"

To all our Community , and all @Ambassadors

Yes, I agree with you, discord has fantastic tools to organize.
I have an analogy like @sota has. Discord is like Mac OS, more sophisticated technology, telegram is like Windows OS, more friendly for the average user. Both, right now, are very used and useful, discord has powerful tools, and also it is a little bit complicated for some users, I said for some, not for all, but what we want is be available to the most people possible, the people that use Discord and the people that use Telegram, both things. What I would like to have is the possibility to give our community the chance to have the choice, bring other option more to interact with us. 2 is more than only 1. Before, we were few members leading Astar, at the beginning we were few Ambassadors, but now our force is increasing day after day. I think we can expand to telegram, have both things discord and telegram growing continuously our community all over the world using all technologies
available and giving the best Astar Community experience possible with both social media combined. Astar must be present in all places possible and more. Astar the world’s leading L1 chain deserve the best.
I propose to handle the Telegram Official Channel by myself. I also know @pitcoin777 has already a fantastic Astar unofficial telegram group, I propose here a fusion and become/recognize it as official. I opened to hear your suggestions and I’m in the willingness to debate.
“Community is King”
Thank you

Actually, the unofficial community telegram is not mine. The community takes care and we have a couple of core team members/ambassadors around sometimes.

Feel free to participate and manage it as an UNOFFICIAL one.

I do not support this proposal once The Core team migrates to Discord to avoid scammers and keep discussions organized. The decision was made months ago.

Also, our OFFICIAL telegram is ready-only version managed by our marketing team.

Official Discord: Astar Network

Astar Official Telegram (read only): Telegram: Contact @PlasmOfficial

UNOFFICIAL Telegram: Telegram: Contact @unofficialASTAR


The Official Telegram channel is under the control of the Astar Foundation and will stay read-only. We are more than happy to support unofficial channels on Telegram but can’t transfer ownership of the official one.

Astar’s main communication platform will stay on Discord.
Thanks for the proposal!


@sota & @0xRamz I would like to hear your opinions. Thank you

From our experience, Telegram is not the best tool to manage the community simply because there will be so many messages in one channel. Making read-only makes sense for me


Telegram Vs Discord Active users. (Telegram 700M+ VS discord 150M)

One of the most used Social Media in the world (Telegram More than 700 M+ Active Users Worldwide reported this nov 2022)

@Dennis Hi Mate, we miss you on Venus Latam Community.

Discord is so boring,
I support your proposal.

We do not have the internal resources to manage an official Telegram. We as a business decided with Discord.

We have Ambassadors and community members managing unofficial Telegram channels, and we do support them. Our Ambassadors receive rewards every month by maintaining them, feel free to take part in this.


Right now we already have plenty of local Telegram community e.g. Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc.

Depending on the region that @Dennis is coming from, I suggest that he can start a new Telegram channel for his local community. This way you can help us build a community and grow the user base.

Please let us know which region you are from.


As much as I like telegram for its vast reach, its not effective in managing communities. I’ve been a mod and admin of several telegram communities over the past couple of years and its always best when its smaller. When its at 20k+ it becomes a nuisance and creates openings for malicious actors to create fud and stir up unnecessary commotion. Plus lots single channel feed is not ideal is organizing topics.

The unofficial account is at a place where we receive users and answer their questions. Please join in and help me and the other mods (Guitarman, Butter) answer the questions we get there. Discord, while it has a steeper learning curve, has channels specifically made to answer topics specific questions. I see you are active in there and we thank you so very much! Perhaps we can be compelled to create a “Community Mod” role if we deem it useful. Open to further discuss that kind of discord role further.


Thank you for sharing your opinion Ramz

I’m from Cuba. My native language is the Spanish. Thank you for your question.

Then, please join Telegram: Contact @PlasmESP and support @ercab24 to grow the existing community.

Thank you for your sugestion

After listening to all of your very valuable suggestions I decided to support both telegrams the unofficial one

@pitcoin777 Thank you for your invitation.

And also support the Spanish telegram @moonme suggested to me. Thank you

@0xRamz @sota Thank you very much for participating.

@Maarten regard your last answer about the business side, I shall keep this in mind for the future, Thank you

As the proposal got to an arrangement, please feel free to close it. Thank you

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