[Request] Feedback for Acceleration Program

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As we are preparing to launch our Acceleration Program for Shiden, we would like to get some feedback on how we can improve the program.

Here’s a quick high level overview of what the program entails


The purpose of the Acceleration Program is to help further the development, growth and adoption of Shiden Network by supporting projects who are building on the Shiden ecosystem.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for high quality teams that are building applications that the community wants and have shown a track record of delivering on their milestones.

How to apply

  1. Teams who want to apply for the acceleration program will make their application on the forum (in this category).

  2. A call will be schedule between the acceleration team and the applicants’ to understand them a little better.

  3. The acceleration team will take into consideration the interview, the proposal and the community’s sentiment before coming to a final decision.

  4. The acceleration team’s decision and feedback will be relayed to the applicants via the forum.

  5. For successful applications, we will begin the onboarding phase onto the acceleration program.

  6. When teams deliver on their agreed milestones, we will disburse the grants to them.

Our goals have always been to become a community owned blockchain but in order for this to happen, we need a community that is open and willing to share. There is however one big problem with this - not everyone wants to share.

There are many possible reasons for this. For example, we might not feel safe sharing or maybe we feel discouraged from sharing because our voices are not being heard or perhaps we are just not that interested in being involved with the process. Whatever the reason, it is our responsibility to help foster an environment where individuals feel empowered, encouraged and safe to share their opinions.

This is why we want the community to be involved in as many phases of the grant process as possible. Moreover, we also want to embrace more transparency in our processes and to ensure that everything we do is aligned with the community’s interest.

As mentioned at the beginning, we want you to be part of the process. Some ideas we had in mind are:

  • To make the proposal application on the forum instead of using some centralised private application form (e.g. google forms) because we want to the community to share their opinions on the proposal.

  • To get some members of the community to join the acceleration team and be part of the interview and decision making process.

  • To get our community members involved with the testing of the MVPs of these projects.

We’re always open to more ideas so please share your feedback with us!


Moving forward after the launch of Shiden, can we have a governance portal where token holders can vote on the proposals?


Now I very much hope that Plasm can open the pledge

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This is definitely something that we can explore! It is a good idea to have a single portal that allows users to do everything instead of doing A, B, C on the portal and voting for projects on the forum. Let us revisit this when we have more dev capacity and after running a few batches of the acceleration program :slight_smile:

I also want to share my rationale behind this. I believe that the forum is a more appropriate setting for us to have longer lasting conversations since users can easily follow historical conversations in a thread. Moreover, it is also much quicker to get it up and running since we want the program to be in “ready to go live” status by the end of this month.

A quick update on our end - we recently shared the Acceleration Program outline with the Substrate Builders Program’s team from Parity and received extensive feedback on how we improve the program.

Some comments (in my own words) include:

  1. Requesting for applicants to post on the forum increases transparency but it hinders us in understanding the overall ecosystem development on Plasm / Shiden.
  2. We should clearly define our acceptance criteria.
  3. We should relax the “Past track record” criteria as it might discourage teams with younger members. 4. They also shared some tips on how to form a good committee for the Acceleration Program.

In lieu of this, we will be incoporating their feedback into the Acceleration Program. If anyone else has additional feedback / questions, please share it! :slight_smile: