Starbank - Builders Project Application

Project Overview

Starbank Finance - based on Balancer V2, will be the first decentralized investment platform on Astar Network.

The Starbank protocol, based on Balancer V2 , adds further incentives for Astar Network participants by introducing revenue sharing through the next generation AMM protocol.

A DEX that enables fast and efficient trading at the best prices with low slippage and fees. Weighted Pools manage your portfolio like Index Funds that provide you a source of income. It enables users to create pools which can contain up to 8 different tokens . Stable Pools allow trading of Stable Token and other pegged assets. This pool allows for larger trades of these assets before encountering a significant impact on the price. Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools will be able to help other protocol launches.

Liquidity providers will be rewarded with our native token $SBX . Receive rewards on swap protocol fees and get more $SBX rewards by staking in boosted pools. Staked tokens enable users to take part in governance .

Starbank aims to be an all-in-one decentralized investment platform. Our vision is to bring liquidity from other chains and provide stability to Astar network. Here is Your Home Defi.


  • Rebalance-inplemented AMM
  • Growing the DeFi ecosystem on Astar Network.
  • It will be one of the principal protocols on Astar Network.
  • Built on Balancer V2.
  • Serving both liquidity providers and traders.
  • Swap with low fees. DEX.
  • Liquidity Providers collect trading fees.
  • Designed to increase liquidity on Astar Network.


  • Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools for other protocol launches.
  • Stable Pools which has StableMath. Ideal for soft-pegged tokens with strong correlation (ex. DAI/USDC/USDT). ref:
    Stable Pools - Balancer
  • Weighted Pools. The pool can contain up to 8 different tokens, where each token is assigned a weight defining what fraction of the pool is made up by each asset.

Incentivized Pools / Farms

  • Protocol fees will be distributed to Liquidity Providers and Stakers.
  • The SBX token is a native asset on AstarNetwork and oversees the entire ecosystem of the STARBANK protocol including future iterations of the protocol.
    *The total supply of SBX will be 250,000,000 tokens.


A global team composed of:

  • Kaz - Founder & Developer
  • Ethan - Community Moderator, Marketer
  • Ricky - Dev
  • Tomo - Dev
  • Emil - Dev

Stats/Past Performance

We can see how important the balancer v2 protocol is for Astar Network as below.


  • Token ticker: SBX
  • Token decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 250,000,000
name % of total supply % execpt for premint years
Token Sale& Airdrop & Liquidity 5.00% - 0
LP Mining Reward 57.00% 60% 2
Community Growth 3.80% 4% 2
Reserve for Potential Investors 11.40% 12% 2
Team 17.10% 18% 2
Treasury 5.70% 6% 2

Builders Program Roadmap


Milestone1: Soft launch.

  • Forked from Balancer V2 (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Estimated End Date: End of March, 2022 Mid of April.

Milestone2: Token Launch

  • Stable pools
  • Weighted pool
  • AMA, Launch Token
  • Estimated End Date: Mid-April, 2022 Late April - early May


  • Liquidity Mining / Farms
  • Staking
  • Governance / Snapshot Votes
  • Launch first 5 pools
  • Estimated End Date: May 2022


Our dream is that the protocol becomes your best place to store your assets.
Anyone can create pools which has any ERC20 assets with risk adjested on the protocols.
We are going to increase our liquidity by helping other protocols with LBPs and incentivized pools.
Rebalance-inplemented pools are suitable for long term investors who believe in crypto.
We believe such place should have off-ramp/on-ramp solutions by 3rd party partnership.
One day, we wonder if we can be your bank which has your fiat and crypto.


I like this program idea,please take offical gitgub clear


Thanks a lot!

We are still under development. Some code are messy so keep them private as of now.
If you need to check the code, we are happy to invite you to the repos.
Or it’s better to make it public ASAP for community voting…? :thinking:

Aside from additional contracts & governance token & farm/staking contracts,
the backend solidity codes will be the same with balancer v2.

The milestones lays out the planned features for Starbank.
We have a lot of such additional feature ideas.

For examples,

  • Not only staking TWINKLE for sTWINKLE, also staking sTWINKLE for partner tokens rewards.
  • Using our tokens for bonding rewards, not only farming rewards.
  • Launchpad.
  • A campaign like beets bribe wars. ref:

As you know, DeFi trend is very fast. So these are all subject to change based on community feedback and governance discussions.
Now I really appreciate the first opportunity to communicate with the Astar community.

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Thanks for your application. Like your short milestones and future plans!

Could you explain the support you are looking?


Thanks for the feedback!

I’m very interested in Astar Incubation Program.

ref: Starlay joins Astar Incubation Program! | by Starlay Finance | Feb, 2022 | Medium

And I would like to heard of case studies of the support.
The Astar network has great potential, but since it is a new chain, I am concerned about marketing and how to ensure initial liquidity.

Our Incubation team is currently reviewing your application.
You will soon hear more feedback from them very shortly.


Thanks! really appreciate it!

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Hi Kaz-san! Thank you so much for the application!

After internal discussions within the Astar Incubation Program team, we decided to invite Starbank to place Starbank on the waitlist for the Astar Incubation Program. Since we only have limited resources to allocate for the Incubation Program, we can not prioritize Starbank at the moment. We will warmly invite Starbank once we have the resources.

Meanwhile, we will continue to support Starbank through the Astar Builders Program. Thank you!


Thanks for inviting the waitlist!
I really appreciate it!
We are going to proceed the project.

Yours sincrely,
Starbank Team.

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I can see IDO on the tokenomics.


  1. Wen IDO?

  2. Where IDO? On Polkaex?

  3. Will there be a priority given to a certain group of community members e.g Plasm Polkapet holders? This NFT was launched in 2021 but has not be given any utility yet. Perhaps Starbank IDO whitelist will be the first. @Maarten what do you think?

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We are still waiting on PolkaPet to rebrand our PolkaPet NFT. To use the utility behind this NFT we need PolkaPet to do the rebrand. We cant promote Plasm NFT when most of our community now doesn’t know about Plasm.


Thanks for feedback :+1:

We would like to decide specific date after releasing Minimum Viable Product. I would like to say IDO might be late next month for now.
In terms of IDO platform ( or own token sale contract ) & whitelist, I will consult Astar team about such things via Builders Program. I will see how other projects launch on Astar Network.

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The project is very interesting, Microsoft will provide support to the Astar Network. The first financial center of this project will be Starbank. Therefore so i will follow closely, I wish you success
Astar Network & Starbank; nice cooperation.


Thanks for supporting! @KRAL



We’ve updated our proposal!
Changed allocation and schedules.


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i like the token economy. this will be a good plan, start the program now. Lets!

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I look at the page: Contract Addresses - Starbank ( v0.4 draft ) and there is no link to the audit, could you paste a link to the audit?

Appreciate for NOT using my avatar and/or face on your developers Google accounts.


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Thanks for supporting!

I’ve added a link to audit report repos.

I will talk to him about NOT to use :bowing_man:
I think he doesn’t use it for his secondary google account. I saw only letter “K”, google default pic as his pic. I guess it’s meet bug or something.


Thank you. It was a great experience.
We hope that we delivered what you need despite the rough presentation.

@tomasz-waszczyk We confirmed with our developer that he did not use your avatar. The other participants did not saw it as well. It definitely was a bug on Google Meet.