SUSHI TOP MARKETING BuildersProgram Application

Project Overview


SUSHI TOP MARKETING(STM) is a spin-off of sushi restaurant “Ginza watari” and SUSHI TOP SHOT dev members. It was launched on 29 DECEMBER 2021.

STM core competence is the solution of NFT delivery. From the start ,there are unique solutions for companies.


when someone receive crypto, we can automatically change into JPYC (Japanese yen pegged stable coin)

STM’s ultimate goal is “creating a culture of token-graph marketing”.

So STM will prove the concept of token graph marketing throughout this journey.


Daisuke Tokunaga(CEO) @toku68

Marketing specialist,the founder of SUSHI TOP SHOT NFT series.

nandemo token(CTO) @nandemotoken

Blockchain engineer,worked on a number of projects.


planner of NFT marketing,biographer of crypto.

Ginza watari

famous youtuber of sushi making videos. The real sushi restaurant in Shibuya

receives $sushi payment ,which is the mecca of crypto enthusiasts in Tokyo.


Stats/Past Performance:SUSHITOPSHOT sold out record

in 7days we sold 539 NFT card .(each day 77 )

the fastest record is in 2 minutes.

Track Record:suceed in POC of Audio NFT drop via youtube

Github:SushiTopMarketing · GitHub

Builders Program Roadmap

Total Estimated Duration: 6month

Initializing both project below


・JPYC Auto converter on shiden

・making shiden NFT and NFT viewer on shiden network

Milestone1: deploy NFT on shiden network

  • Estimated End Date: 2021 12/1

  • deploying NFT on testnet

Milestone2: distributing shiden NFT via sound

  • Estimated End Date: 2021 12/25

  • Improving the accuracy of NFT delivery on shiden network

  • distributing audio NFT via youtube in shiden-network(for Xmas present)

Milestone3:NFT viewer on shiden for everyone

  • Estimated End Date: 2022 1/25

  • Creating NFT viewer on shiden network

Milestone4:JPYC auto converter on shiden

  • Estimated End Date: 2022 5/1

  • Deploy JPYC auto converter on shiden.

※JPYC auto converter is our solution for Japanese companies.

When a company sells NFT by shiden , people/companies can receive JPYC on shiden automatically. This solution allows Japanese companies to sell NFT on shiden.

Future plan

Ultimate goal of SUSHI TOP MARKETING is “creating a culture of token-graph marketing”.

and we can propagate NFT on shiden/Aster by audio and printing technology all over the world. So our NFT will become an on-ramp of the shiden/Aster network.

In the future, we want to make the world more NFT on shiden/Aster friendly.


We have already succeeded in POC of AudioTokenDistributer.

:point_down:the link below ,you can receive our sushi-NFT via “sound”.


JPYC Auto Converter

JPYC Auto Converter is a solution to automatically deposit NFT ETH and MATIC sales in JPYC, a Japanese Yen pegged staple coin.

Problem to be solved .

For many general business operators, the biggest hurdle to entering the NFT business is the complexity of accounting due to the revenue generated by volatile crypto assets.

Since JPYC is legally a prepaid payment instrument (e-Point), it complies with general corporate accounting standards and reduces the tax burden by far.


Thank you very much for this application. @toku168

Though I didn’t have an opportunity to visit Ginza watari yet, I know that many Crypto people like SuShiSwap team and Japanese crypto influencers love the restaurant.

I would like to support this initiative.


I think this is very interesting.
There is a big issue in NFT for enterprise in that it’s payment in cryptocurrency, which is volatile.

It’s also beneficial for JPYC since it could create purchasing power of JPYC on top of DEX liquidity.


sota-san, I appreciate!

We’ll be waiting for you at Ginza Watari with shiden-sushi top shot !


Thank you setagaya-san, we’d like to grow together!


This is a very interesting project. This kind of project is a good example of bringing crypto to the real world.

The project itself is quite creative. Or by developing the projects further more, more and more Shiden/Astar-JPYC ecosystem’s use cases will be discovered. I think we can definitely see the Shiden/Astar-JPYC ecosystem growing into a much better future with some projects like this in this exponentially growing period of crypto.


Have you already tried our testnet?
I’m very interested in knowing more about this project, so I checked your Github but it was empty? Is it possible to share some smart contract you want to deploy on Shiden?

I tried to search for some English content but I cant find anything.
Would be great if you could share:

  1. Github with code
  2. English whitepaper/pitch deck



Hi, Maarten , I appreciate your interest in our services !

Have you already tried our testnet?

Maybe, it seems not yet for now, Let me check and I will get back to you. (but Shiden is EVM, so it seems to be not so difficult)

checked your Github but it was empty? Is it possible to share some smart contract?

About github, let me ask our CTO and get back to you as well, but product itself is already working.

I tried to search for some English content but I cant find anything.

For now, English content is not available, so will make it ASAP.

Would be great if you could share:
・Github with code
・English whitepaper/pitch deck

sure! let me get back to you soon!

BTW, our product is already working on polygon , so if you OK, please try our sound drop NFT solution.

【Audio Token distributer : deployed on polygon and you can try it now !】 this youtube link on desktop this browser wallet link by your smartphone
if you use iphone, open safari and turn mike on. ( if you use android , open this link by firefox )

3.with your smartphone listening the youtube sound , you can receive NFT, if you insert your metamask address on browser-wallet , you can own dropped NFT. (enjoy!)

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hi, I am the creator of AUDIO TOKEN DISTRIBUTOR!

AUDIO TOKEN DISTRIBUTOR is intended to be used as a mechanism to distribute NFTs using sound on Youtube, TV, and radio in the future.
When this happens, we believe that we will not be able to scale if we have to issue NFTs on Ethereum every time.

By implementing this on the Shiden network, we aim to contribute to the Shiden network and achieve mass adoption.


@shnshkw @Shoji could you talk with the team as an introduction meeting?


haha, I’ve already done the meeting like 3 or 4 weeks ago.


@Maarten Hi Maarten ,sorry for kept you waiting.

This is our github,

you can check our contract code inside “contracts” folder.

English page is available here.please check!


Thanks for the information. I will start a poll shortly.

SuShi Top Marketing Builders Program
  • Yes
  • No

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Ahaaa now I understand what you want to build. Need to re-read it several times, lot of new tech opportunities here.


sorry for my poor English…!

however, our technology is unique and focused on distributing NFT to ordinary people.
We will def accelerate web3 :pray:

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I tried to build a NFT contract and simple viewer to see if there were any technical difficulties.
And I was able to build them without any difficulty.
Shiden is a great network.


Have you already tried our testnet?

@Maarten nandemo is our CTO, we have built NFT viewer on Shiden network.
this allow us distribute NFT via sound on Shiden network.

We are confident that we can do full-scale development on Shiden.