Unstoppable Grants Proposal: Kilopi

Kilopi – Project Proposal


Kilopi is an ecosystem of web3 dApps. These dApss are being developed by the team and the community together. There is no limit on dApps’ categories. From Games to DAOs, from Polls to Engineering. Many different kind of dApps are being developed at the same time. Kilopi has a very simple forum-alike D.A.O dApp where the community can propose and vote for anything regarding the Kilopi Project’s ecosystem development.

History, Reason and Motivation

Kilopi project has been developed for the last 1 year on Harmony Blockchain. The project is resuming according to the roadmap, some of the dApps are online, has organic users and some of the dApps are being developed.

While the development is resuming, Kilopi team has been in touch with the community all the time. The community has requested to make the project safer, more decentralized and expand. Following this request, there has been many meetings online and offline. Eventually, the team and the community have decided to make the project multichain and expand to 3 chains to be safer, more decentralized, more kwown and provide more liquidity.

Following this decision, Kilopi team has started to search for the 2nd and 3rd chain options. After having months of meetings and research, Kilopi team has decided to proceed with the Binance Chain as 2nd chain option and the 3rd chain option has skipped to keep searching for a great potential chain as the last and most important chain.

From that time, until now, Kilopi team has checked almost 100 chains by examining them deeply. On 25.08.2023, Kilopi team learned about Astar for the first time and the founder has published a review video about Astar chain. It can be found here; https://youtu.be/Ge4UubQwr0M?si=pVPcx2U3N5GwXBmD

Following this review, Kilopi team has seen the potential of Astar chain amid to its unique properties like being a Parachain, supporting EVM/WASM and a great perspective with dApp Staking option.

So, Kilopi team has decided to prepare this proposal to be a part of this great chain, bring its community and build amazing web3 applications.

Here you can find almost all information about the current situation of the project and the future plans;

The Ecosystem / dApps

Kilopi has 10 dApps as for now. 4 of them is alive and have been running for the last 9 months. 1 of them had been alive for the last 9 months and being updated now. 1 of them has been in Alpha mode for the last 9 months and being updated to Beta mode now. The last 4 of them are under development and expected to release in Q2 2024.

Alive dApps

No Doubt Transparency Web3 application

No doubt web3 application is a simple dApp that is tracking and showing all the transactions that are done from the main pool wallet of the project together with the reason explanations. So, the community can always %100 be sure about the expenses of the project.

Tokenomics of this dApp: No token used in this dApp


Collector is a unique staking dApp of Kilopi project. It has been developed together with the communtiy to provide a smooth, simple and effective staking service to the community. There locked and flexible options with a sustainable tokenomics system. The rewards of this staking system is not coming from the project’s token tool. They are coming from the other dApplications of the project.

Tokenomics of this dApp: Users stake their tokens inside the dApp, rewards are being provided from other dApps of the project.


Pathfinder is a unique Poll Application which is a place to decide the next video content of the founder’s youtube channel. The community is voting by spending the tokens of the project. The tokens which are used to vote are being burned and being sent to staking application to provide liquidity and the founder is creating the video content from this Poll dApplication. While creating new contents, the founder, the team and the community keep learning about the other projects and adding the good things to Kilopi project. This is the place where Kilopi team has met with Astar as well.

Tokenomics of this dApp: Users spend their tokens into this dApp. Some of these tokens are burned, some of them are being sent to Staking dApp.


Skallia is an Ultima-Online Shard which is running on an old-scholl private server. The special part of this server is that the players can convert their in-game golds into SKL tokens by 1 click. The progress finishes in 3 minutes by creating a multi-pointed securit check and registration. The SKL tokens then can be exchanged with Kilopi [LOP] tokens.

Tokenomics of this dApp: Users can exchange their in-game golds with SKL and LOP tokens. There is a %1 fee in the process which most part of it is being burned.

The dApp which is under an update process

Kilopi D.A.O

This is the DAO dApplication of the project. The decisions had been taken by using this dApplication. Following the community request, now, this dApp is under development to be updated to a better UI with new unique features.

Tokenomics of this dApp: Users lock their tokens in the process and get them back after 1 month.

The dApp which is migrating from Alpha mode to Beta Mode

Masters of Management Web3 Strategy Game

This dApp is the top dApp of Kilopi project. The main purpose of Kilopi team is to make this game one of the top10 game in the Crypto industry.

This game has been active for the last 9 months as Alpha mode and has created over 1 million transactions on Harmony Chain with 300 organic wallet addresses.

The Alpha mode has been 2d-text based %100 decentralized web3 strategy game. Now, the Beta mode will have visuality with enjoying strategy features. All the back-end process is being done in smart contracts and this dApp is a unique, comprehensive web3 game that has a great potential. The majority of Kilopi team is working on this product nowadays and the Beta 1 version is supposed to release on 16 October 2023.

Tokenomics of this dApp: Users spend their tokens in the game for in-game purposes and these tokens then be released to the winners in a certain period. There is a %1 fee in the process and most of it gets burned.

Here is an Alpha mode screenshot;

Here is the upcoming Beta verison private screenshot of the game;

The dApps under development


This dApp is called as “Smart Engineering Solutions” This dApp is focued to solve small engineering problems by providing a simple-effective UI on web and help the engineers to handle the daily small task extremely fast and all the information will be recorded to smart contracts. So, Engineers will be able to turn back and review the old information easily.

Tokenomics of this dApp: Will be decided.

This dApp’s Alpha mode is supposed to be released late Q4 2023.


This dApp is focused on bringing the clients meet with contractors in an easy and effective way. It will serve as a simple web dApp with a simple UI to get the exact necessary information from both sides to match them in a proper way.

Tokenomics of this dApp: will be decided.

Non – Announced Frp Game

Some of the team members have been developing a Dungeons&Dragons alike web3 game for the last 2 months. A MVP has been released privately and the meetings are going on. The announcement will be made once the team gets %100 convinced about the product.

Non-Announced House Design dApp

A house design 3d web3 dApp will be developed as soon as the metrics of Masters of Management game gets achieved. The meetings are going on about this dApp with some of the house builder contractor firms and Architecture firms in Turkey.


The team and the community can be found in this link with full organic and correct information;

The executive team is Cem Tosun, Metin Avcı, Bilal Tekmil and Yiğit Özyılmaz. Rest of the team is helping the project growth in their free times.

Middle Term Objectives;

Expanding partnerships

Expanding community

Expanding social media marketing

Fundraising for speeding up

Competition with the similar projects

Kilopi project’s difference is that the Kilopi team is expanding continuously and developing many dApps which have many utility areas for the token.

Besides all of these, the key difference of Kilopi project is;

Kilopi project is developing the best-ever web3 strategy game ever.

Kilopi team and community believes “Masters of Management web3 strategy game will impact the industry in a strong way”

State of the project with the official links;

Website(Contains all information and links of the project) : https://kilopi.net/

Team+Community+Socials: Kilopi community

The Proposal

Kilopi team is ready to be multichain by migrating its core dApps to Astar Network if agreed.

The top dApp is the Masters of Management game and if agreed, Kilopi team will start with migrating this game.

The total requested amount is 2.000.000,00 ASTR tokens. All these tokens will be provided to the liquidity of Kilopi project on Astar network;

Usage of ASTR tokens;

Kilopi [LOP] tokens will be created on Astar network. Kilopi has 5 Billion on Harmony, 1 Billion on Binance Smart Chain and if agreed, 1 Billion will be created on Astar. Around %50 of this 1 Billion will be transferred to liquidity pool together with the ASTR tokens on ASTAR network.

Following the liquidity creation, there will be no withdrawals. Kilopi project only needs around 2000 USDT worth of tokens monthly to migrate the dApps and keep the development. Kilopi team may sell LOP tokens worth of 2000 USDT in the following months but most probably Kilopi team will not need to withdraw this amount also. Because Kilopi team believes if the token of the project has 2 Million ASTR tokens in its liquidity, the community will be transferred and keep growing easier and Kilopi project may increase the liquidity by itself.

Benefits of Astar Network;

Kilopi team is extremely motivated on creating web3 dApps. Kilopi team will keep developing a new product everytime of the products get released as final version. Also, there are around 15000 people following the founder of the project on his youtube channel. The founder of Kilopi project will create content about Kilopi project + Astar network continuously and support the Astar network with his full power, bring a large community to Astar network.

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Thanks for the proposal Kilopi team. Prior to any further discussion about the proposal, I’d like to share the following pieces of documentation so your team better understands the Unstoppable Community Grant (UCG) structure and flow. Also I would like to clarify some aspects of this new type of grant structure.

A quick breakdown of the UCG:

If a fictional Team Star proposal is approved by the community:

  • Team X will be listed as a “dapp” on our portal.astar.network page. This dapp will generate rewards for the dapp owner (Team Star) daily if there is ASTR staked on it.
  • The quantity of rewards are determined by the amount of ASTR that users stake on the Team Star dapp. The more that is staked, the higher the rewards. Team Star only has ownership to the rewards that are generated.
  • An UCG grant means that 2M ASTR is transferred from the Community Treasury and “staked” on Team Star’s dapp. This amount is not in the Teams Star’s control, but instead it helps generate larger rewards for the owner of the dapp. It cannot be used for liquidity provisions since it is staked.
  • 2M ASTR staked on the Team Star dapp will generate about 5400 ASTR per month. You can use this dapp staking calculator to calculate what that would be in USD value, as well as input different amounts of ASTR staked to see what rewards look like based on amount staked.
  • The 2M ASTR is than removed upon the completion of the 3-months. More info in the Overview linked below.
  • Currently, there is a waitlist for UCG recipients. Only 8 at a time can be taken in due to size of Community Treasury. Spots open up as teams finish their 3-month dapp staking period. More info about the 3-months this can be found in the documents below.

UCG Overview

Please see the following document that gives you insight on what structure of a proposal can look like:
UCG Steps

I recommend going through the docs and discussing within your team is this process is fit for your purposes. If so, please adjust your proposal so it includes milestones and other info that is in the UCG Steps document.

Thank you for the consideration and if you have further questions please feel free to post them here.



I have gone through your answer and the documents that you have provided. What I would like to say is, now, the system is %100 clear in my mind. I would like to thank you so much for your comprehensive answer.

So, what I understand is, our proposal style is completely different than the UCG protocol as for now. But we can choose one of our strong dApp and revise the proposal following the guidelines that you have provided. Then you can proceed with the consideration.

I will need to have some meetings with the team before choosing the dApp and revising the proposal.

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