Use Astar Treasury Fund to Reward the 2022 Most Active Ambassador

@sota @Ambassadors

I am writing this proposal as an Initiative to Reward the most Active 2022 Astar Ambassador.

Amount: 100,000 ASTR.

Details: In order to give a gift, a Special Bonus to the most Active Astar Network Ambassador during this 2022 I submit this proposal to vote.

  1. After approving this proposal we will create a poll in our discord Community and Social Media to Select the Astar Network Most Active Ambassador.

  2. After the Ambassador be elected as winner, it will be announced on our social media.

  3. The Amount of ASTR 100,000 will have a linear vesting period of 1 year, and will be delivered as staked ASTR to maintain the health of our ecosystem.

1)As we are increasing our presence around the globe this will increase the community interest on being part of our Astar Ambassadors Program.
2) All our Ambassadors are doing a great job right now, this will incentivate even more this.
3) As the poll will be made in our communities this will increase the engage with our community even more.
4) A kindly gift to one of our coworkers for this holiday and to reward even more he/she Great Work during all this year.
5) Astar Community will know the name of all the Ambassadors who are being represented them along all this time from all the different places around the world.

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There is no need to use the treasury funds for Ambassadors rewards. Ambassadors are getting incentivized from the Community Reward pool. You can see this pool on dApp staking.

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An extra bonus for the most active one on all this 2022. A premium from Santa Claus in ASTR celebrating this end of year and the upcoming 2023. The year of Astar, WEB 3, WASM the next internet.

I get what you mean but this doesn’t need to come from the treasury. There is the community reward pool which is specifically created to incentivize Ambassadors and all other community related activities such as document translations, offline meetups etc.

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So, then it is possible to use the community reward pool instead for this proposal?

All the ambassadors have been getting rewards for their contribution. But some don’t even care about the rewards.

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My question was this :point_down:

It is possible and Ambassadors have been receiving their rewards regardless of this proposal.

You can check how the rewards are being distributed every month in the spreadsheet here.

But you need to justify why 100,000 ASTR?


I agree with @moonme

There isnt a need for Bonus as of now to incentify ambassador. I greatly appreciate them , but i know most , if not all of them are passionate about Astar… they dont do more just becos there is bonus rewards, but they truly believe in astar.

We need to have ambassador who truly believes in the ecosystem… rather than ambassador who is jist looking to earn money. We need ppl who is passaionate about the project… not passionate about making money out of the ecosystem.

So i greatly appreciate all the astar ambassador who has been so passionate about this project.


As an ambassador myself, I don’t think we need to reward to the most active ambassador as many of us were really active behind the scene. And I STRONGLY REJECT using any TREASURY FUND for giving any REWARD not even as small as 0,01 ASTR. If the team wants to give rewards, it can be done with several other ways such as by giving mention by official Astar socmed or by creating evolving NFT using upcoming RMRK, or just giving a special role on Discord.

By this way, we can maintain for those who passionate with Astar and not just come in for the money.


Thank you for sharing. I’m agree with you, & @souleater .


@Maarten please kindly feel free to close this proposal.

Thank you for participating. Have a very happy holidays and New year. Thank you