Welcome to Plasm Network Forum

:confetti_ball: Hello everyone! Welcome to the Plasm Network forum :confetti_ball:

Plasm Network is a multi-VMs scalable smart contract platform supporting cutting edge layer2 solutions. Here are some references you should check :partying_face:

:earth_asia: Reference :earth_americas:
GitHub: https://github.com/stakedtechnologies/Plasm
Document: https://docs.plasmnet.io/
Discord: https://discord.gg/kGgUSKX

:cactus: Rule :cactus:
This forum is for technical discussions. Please write your opinion with your mathematical or psychological REASONS. The post which doesn’t meet the requirements will be removed.

Please avoid: Harmful language, insulting others, outright FUD, false/misleading information, or shilling other projects. No daily price and trading talk is allowed surrounding the PLM token or the price of other projects or tokens.

Instant ban: impersonation, discrimination, explicit content, promotional links, spam, or bots.


nice,the plasm forum is a plasm home about teachnology and project updates :hugs: