Why Astar? Why Astar is the best?

Answer: Astar is the best.

Polkadot the Blockchain of blockchains where all blockchains connected to it, converge in one, and are independent at the same time. The high security behinds Polkadot is battle tested for years, your dots in your wallet will always be yours, no one can take them, only you. The scalability is extremely high, on Polkadot (has been made & you can be doing) more than thousands updates easily like update a software on the mobile, while in ethereum this process is something difficult and with the possibility of a fork… The decentralization on polkadot is extremely high and more over now with the last high technology Gavin is introducing ( light clients) improving decentralization even more.

All blockchains connected to polkadot can share/enjoy all its great benefits.

Astar Network frequently named the Multichain smart contract hub is the most complete parachain and the best.

Astar Blockchain:

Is the only one which can support Multiple Virtual machine technology… Currently supports Two: The Ethereum Virtual machine and The future superior high tech one Web Assembly (WASM).

Unique Features on Astar:
Build2 Earn: The Developer for the First Time in History can earn constantly passive income by building, proportional to the quality of their dapps, this possible due the extremely well elaborated build to earn mechanism that only Astar Blockchain has.

XVM: Cross Virtual Machine ( This unique feature unlocks all the limits between EVM & WASM).

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Why is this posted under ‘Proposals?’
It’s great to know what you think of Astar, but please keep the forums clean.


This is a proposal to All The World for the massive Astar Network adoption. Long term.
I would like and invite you and all one who reads this to share why to choose Astar and why is the all times best blockchain.
Thank you

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Great post, really nice

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