About real Governance

I don’t think the current forum really focuses on governance.

I think voting rights should be strengthened based on the amount of staked governance token (ASTR) like in other projects.

Currently, anyone can express their opinion on the Astar forum.

That’s great, but it’s just a “bulletin board”

not a true “vote.”

When will on-chain governance be implemented?

I think we should use a site like Snapshot.

There’s no need to create our own site.


Yes, the transition to on-chain governance is a must.

Forum serves as a bridge to on-chain governance. This is because it is risky to go to on-chain governance from the beginning.

Development and testing is currently underway to migrate to Townhall for on-chain governance, and there is talk of full-scale testing first in Shiden.

Townhall is simply like a Forum with on-chain governance used in the Polkadot family.
Think of it as an extension of the Forum’s functionality.

For more information, I suggest you take a look at the following two threads.


Hello @rian

It’s good to see this topic being raised.

In fact, we’re already working on the on-chain’s governance, but in the meantime we’ve decided to migrate the forum’s voting mechanism to Astar townhall, an off-chain voting platform where ASTR holders can participate in governance decisions using their ASTR tokens.

You can follow the topic in this discussion: Astar Townhall - Offchain Governance


I understand. We need to quickly operate a DAO according to global standards and give rights to ASTR holders.


I have been an advocate for an ASTR on-chain dao.
But recently I’m more in favour of giving voting power to those that participate and build the ecosystem.

When the token is the main value in a dao there is a problem with Autonomy.

We should reward the people that have built the project rather than those that can buy a large supply to pass a proposal.

I recommend a “Percentage-based voting structure”
25% is ASTR
25% is DEVs
15% is ASTR TEAM


I think that we should completely use governance tokens as voting power, like OP and Starknet. There will always be users who create multiple free accounts, so voting power should be given according to the amount of Dapps steaking.

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It doesn’t have to be equal, it should be “fair.”

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So the free accounts thing can be fought against.
For example:
Anyone that has a github repository that mentions ASTAR before 08/06/2024 get’s 1,000,000 ASTR worth of power.
Let’s say there are 100 people like that.
Then those 100 can get extra power.
And they can vote for the 25%

The reason I suggest this is:

  1. Broke Devs don’t get any say in how the platform that they built is run.
  2. Devs know what is technically possible with governance.
  3. Reward devs.

If someone bots X accounts for example…
We get a bigger social following :laughing:
And we can vote to reduce the 15% to 1% or 0% if it gets out of control.

Binance maybe holds more ASTR than we can all vote against and they can just pass proposals easily.
Like what happened to steem…


That’s certainly a great idea. It’s true that a few whales often control everything. But the current voting system should change. I’m in favor of empowering developers, but I think there are some developers in dapps steaking who are not beneficial to Astar.

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I look forward to seeing the on-chain governance that is currently being worked on.
Hope to see you there :+1:


I find the conversation happening here extremely interesting and worth reading, which is why I recommend moving it to the townhall thread, as Gaiuss mentioned.

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