Algem Liquid Farming Product (Test Phase) is LIVE!

Hi Astar Community! :wave:

As some of you may know, I am Gianluca, the Community Manager of and I’m pleased to present our latest update to you.

First a short recap of who we are and what we do:
Algem: currently offer a Liquid staking solution.

NOW, we are in the live test phase of our 2nd MAIN product called Liquid Farming. Aimed at being a lending solution to let users diversify Algem’s nASTR token across the Astar ecosystem to earn staking rewards and more.

To celebrate this new release and Project phase of Algem’s development we just started a reward campaign this week that will benefit all participants carrying out testing and leaving quality feedback.

You can read about our whole project below in our Whitepaper and when you’re ready to dive in, read the task list (also outlining other details) to get started:

Click this link to visit The Algem Whitepaper in all community languages

Now you’ve read the Whitepaper - experience the First peak of Liquid Farming on Astar Network’s zkEVM chain:

Instruction Guide in English

Instruction Guide in Japanese

If you have any questions please respond here or join us in the:
Algem Discord

I’m more than happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have!

We really look forward to receiving your quality feedback and the reward campaign ends on Friday 24th May 2024 at 2pm UTC where we will start to review everything.

Note: Reward amount for each user is based on quality feedback and will be subject to a manual review.

We are so pleased to be able to present this to you and look forward to seeing your feedback. Go and give it a try today and be apart of Algem’s future.

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Hi Gianluca,
I tested the Liquid Farming and it’s a great product.
Thank you for posting the information here.

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Hi @GuiGou,

Thank you so much for testing it out and no worries at all!

I’m always in for tests :saluting_face: Will text to You on Discord once finished @gl_r93 . Thank You for the updates :star2:

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Nice to see the technological development that Algem is carrying out, congratulations for this advance and for sharing it here in the community forum.

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Thanks again!
I am currently participating in the test and will send feedback once I am done claiming my reward.

I’m rooting for you!

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Hi @VasaKing,

Thank you, looking forward to hearing your thoughts and receiving your message in our Discord.

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Hi @Juminstock,

Thank you, and sure, happy to share it with the community too :slight_smile:

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Hi @you425,

Thank you for participating in the Test phase and we all look forward to reviewing your feedback.

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Hi @shadi,

You are in the wrong thread, can you please open your own thread?

You can discuss your issue in your own thread and also gain assistance in the Astar Discord.

Thank you

Hi @shadi
Algem and Bifrost offer a liquid staking solution for $ASTR but they are different dApps/teams. Please could you create another thread like Gianluca suggested?

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I’m taking the test and have submitted the feedback.
The ASTR/WETH pool is showing an error page. Except for that, everything is OK.
I fully support you!!

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Great!!! Thank you so much for your update =)

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Thanks for the update. Have tested it aswell, works great!

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Hi @bao,

Thank you for testing Algem’s Liquid Farming product and for providing your feedback. We look forward to reviewing it all.

Thank you also for your support!

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Hi @BoomBLB,

No problem and thank you for your support!

Hi @Sequaja,

Thank you for taking the time to test the new Liquid Farming Product. Much appreciated and we are glad to hear it works well!

Thank you for your support.

Hi Gianluca and the Algem team! :wave:

This sounds like an amazing opportunity, and I’m definitely excited to give it a try. Liquid Farming on Astar Network’s zkEVM chain sounds innovative, and I’m eager to see how it all works. I will test it out and provide quality feedback. Looking forward to contributing to Algem’s future!

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of course I’m testing the latest innovation from Algem :100: :handshake:

Hi @Matt,

Always a pleasure to have your participation and feedback as a trusted and long standing community member!

Me and the team really look forward to reviewing all your feedback as well as everyone else’s’.

A big thank you for taking the time to test out Algem’s Liquid Farming and yes you will be contributing to Algem’s future to!

Gianluca - Algem CM