Cashback on community dApp staking contract

I would like to propose here to set a “cashback” on the Community Reward Program proposed in dApp staking.
Since the contract is made to support the ambassadors and the community program, I belive that nominators are part of the community and could profit from a part of the staking.

A redistribution of 25% of the dApp rewards would allow stakers to double their dApp staking rewards while maintaining a competitive staking offer for other dApps.
This rate would be subject to adjustment via a vote for the future, to maintain the balance in the attractivity of other dApps.

This redistribution could be made on a monthlly basis.
A condition to benefit the bonus would be set to keep the game theory in motion: having been nominating the dApp contract for at least 7 days in the month.

Should we redistribute 25% of the total Astar Community Contract to nominators?
  • Yes
  • No

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So the new block reward ratio is

operator (30%) - (20%) nominator


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Well this will not be automatic, this will be redistributed manually on a monthly basis.
The nominators will receive:

  • 10% block reward at every claim
  • the equivalent of 10% block reward on a monthly basis

I think this is an interesting approach but who is going to do the operation?

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Looks like I will :smile:
With the good script and API requests, this should be fine, we’ll get inspired by our best dApps mechanism :slight_smile:


cool! In the long run, these kinds of activities are going to be paid for through our treasury.