Did the proposal regarding SDN tokens pass?

Hi, I wanted to ask a question, by chance, has the proposal that was made weeks ago regarding the SDN token burn mechanism, i.e. burning 100% of the transaction fees, burn 10% of treasury at the end of each quarter, burn unclaimed reward and buyback passed? I am asking this because nothing more has been heard, at least I have not heard, about the results of the votes.

Did the proposal pass?

Thank you so much

It is done.

Please join Shiden Dao discord.

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Yes, I had seen it, but I didn’t understand if the proposal passed or not, if I open it, it is closed, so the voting is closed, but it is not clear whether it was approved or not, i.e. whether the majority voted YES or NO.

It is passed. Go to the discord and discuss.

You can follow it here:

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