Grant ASTR form Astar Treasury to UNCHAIN for increasing the number of developers who can develop dApps on the Astar network

Requested Amount:

$5K worth of ASTR token.

Purpose of getting the Grant below:

Increase the number of engineers who can develop dApps on the Astar network.

:rocket: Background

UNCHAIN is a community for engineers to learn web3 through practical development such as NFT creation, dApps building, etc, created by shiftbase, inc. This is the first educational developer program in Japan dedicated to web3.

UNCHAIN was established to solve the problem of a lack of information for Japanese engineers to practice web3 development. We are committed to contribute to the development of web3 technology in Japan by providing more people with quality information and equipping them with the right tools to give shape to their ideas.

:wave: Past Performance and track record

:magic_wand: Why we need the Grant

Purpose of getting the Grant below:

Increase the number of engineers who can develop dApps on the Astar network

For this purpose, we will do the two approaches below:

:one: Making the learning content

Making learning content like the below for community members and converting web2 engineers to dApp developers on the Astar network.

Title : *Building a SNS on the Astar network


Product description:

  • What functionalities would the final product have?
    ・Send message
    ・See other users’ posts
    ・follow other users
  • What is the aim of this project?
    Making SNS dApp

Product uniqueness :

  • Why is the project interesting to work on / what is unique about this project?
    ・use SNS through smart contract
    ・UNCHAIN members can learn not only smart contract knowledge but also how to make message and post function
  • What technical areas does it cover that already existing UNCHAIN learning contents don’t?
    This content covers frequent interaction between users.

Release Date :

Nov/ 15/ 2022

:two: Distributing the Grant to community members

Distributing the Grant from ASTAR to community members who released the dapp on the ASTAR network on a first-come-first-served basis through the learning content.

Grant :

We request the the Grant : $5K worth of ASTR token.

How to use the Grant?

  • Distributing around 1,000 ASTR to each community member who released the dapp on the Astar network
  • The Grant will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis through hosting the learning content created in :one: .

:books: Learning-contents

We provide project-based learning contents to the community for free. After joining the community, members will be expected to catch up and deepen their understanding of the web3 technology stack.

Overview of project-based learning contents

We provide 18 contents to experience dApp development for community members on a public blockchain.

Details of project-based learning content

The content has several sections, from setting up a developing environment to hosting on a blockchain network.

Proving one’s learning history with NFTs

A unique NFT will be issued as a learning certificate to community members who have completed the learning content.

:rocket: Founders

The UNCHAIN developer community is managed by founders of shiftbase .Inc

:saxophone: Nack / Co-founder & CEO of shiftbase Inc.

Yusuke moved to the Philippines at the age of 22 to launch an education business. After graduating from Hosei University, he joined Digital Garage, Inc. and was in charge of overseas expansion of CRM media business for financial institutions. 2018, he joined Empath, Inc. and promoted business development as COO, then co-founded shiftbase, inc.

What he wants to achieve in web3: to build a “learn-to-earn” ecosystem where all people, regardless of their status, geographic boundaries, or economic base, have equal access to quality education and support networks.

:blush: Yuki / Co-founder & CCO of shiftbase Inc.

Yuki moved to the U.S. at the age of 16, graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and spent two years at Harvard University doing interdisciplinary research in social psychology and brain science. In October 2020, he joined Empath, Inc. as Research Director, and in February 2022, he founded shiftbase, Inc. In February 2022, he will establish shiftbase, inc.

What she wants to achieve in web3: to create a protocol to donate a portion of the proceeds to housing assistance for young people in need of financial and social support, and eventually run a home for children without parents.

:dark_sunglasses: Kenta(/ Co-founder & CSO of shiftbase Inc.

After graduating from Kinki University, Kenta was in charge of the back-office DX promotion project at the beauty appliance manufacturer “Yerman”, and experienced the launch of the new IT system department. He left the company to start an agricultural company and develop a D2C platform, and later co-founded shiftbase, inc.

What he wants to achieve in web3: to build a business model in the web3 domain that will enable a new generation of Japanese to be active globally.

:headphones: Cohurin / Co-founder & CTO of shiftbase Inc.

Sho moved to Canada at the age of 17 and received an IB Diploma from Lester B. Pearson College UWC. He received a scholarship from the Masayoshi Son Memorial Foundation to attend the University of Minerva, and has moved around the world while studying Computer Science. He is a full-stack engineer specializing in machine learning and blockchain development, and co-founder of shiftbase, inc.

What he wants to achieve in web3: to empower human ownership and decision-making processes on the Internet, creating a space where people can respect and appreciate culture and technology.

We hope that the Astar community will support us in our future challenges🎉


Thank you for your submission. I think education is very important and I want to help this initiative.


Thank you.
Overall, it looks great.

But it should be 500,000 JPY worth ASTR.(not $5K)
Because participants may be Japanese and they expect JPY based value.
Thank you.


Thanks for your response and support!

500,000 JPY worth ASTR is right for our community members in this time.

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I joined this Great community few days ago. and get my first NFT!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m looking forward to learn new ASTAR contents.

Now, Community is for ONLY Japanese engineers. I’m expected to be more global one.
ASTAR network can help it. and UNCHAIN community can help ASTAR. WIN-WIN !! :four_leaf_clover:


JPY maybe over good more

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Definitely one of the user cases that I appreciate the most. Cryptocurrency learning platforms should be incentivized and supported. As for me, I like this proposal and will support it.

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UNCHAIN’s Treasury Proposal
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Education is key for onboarding a maximum of person.
Do you expect to translate in english some lessons to reach more enginners?

I support this approval.


Grant was successfully distributed to the UNCHAIN team!