Increase Team's Allocation for Future Hires

Astar will allocate 350,000,000 ASTR tokens from the treasury and increase the team’s allocation to 10% of the initial supply. This will increase the budget to hire the best talents and scale Astar’s core team. Since the treasury does not have this amount today, we will allocate the amount from the future treasury.


  • Astar allocated 5% for founders and employees, including our future employees. In order to stay competitive, our allocation has been much lower than other projects within the ecosystem.
  • As a result, it has become significantly harder to hire the best talents from all over the world, as we cannot offer reasonable token allocation to new employees.


  • The tokens will be locked for one year and distributed linearly over 3 years (in total 4 years).
  • Because the treasury doesn’t have 350M, we will split this over 4 years. Each year we will lock 100M from treasury and linearly release.
    • February 2024: lock 100M from treasury and linearly release over 1 year (end 2025)
    • February 2025: lock 100M from treasury and linearly release over 1 year (end 2026)
    • February 2026: lock 150M from treasury and linearly release over 1 year (end 2027)

Additional Context

Astar Network is a project that started in 2019. Our mission is to make a community-driven smart contract platform for multichain. This is why we have conducted lockdrops and have never raised funds from community members (retail investors). The funds we own only came from institutional investors like Binance Labs and Coinbase Ventures. Hence, our hiring budget and token incentive for existing/future employees are smaller than others. So far, many core members at Astar Network are passionate about web3 and Astar’s potential. They don’t care about the token allocation at the moment. However, Astar is growing very fast. We must expand our team size 2-4x in the coming years and hire tier 1 senior-level employees with sufficient and strong experiences, such as c-level people who used to work at unicorn companies and big tech giants. The problem we face is the lack of token incentives for future hires because the initial allocation of 5% is much smaller than other blockchain projects. Even within the Polkadot ecosystem, our allocation is less than half the amount of the other teams’ budgets. For Acala, you can see below that it’s even 4 times larger than our budget.

Acala: Acala - The DeFi & Liquidity Hub of Polkadot
Moonbeam: Glimmer (GLMR) Token Info & Tokenomics | Moonbeam Foundation
Astar: $ASTR Allocation | Astar Docs

We were aware of this issue earlier this year. And decided to wait to distribute ASTR tokens to existing employees and contributions before the launch. For example, I (Sota) am the longest contributor to Astar Network, and I have been working on Astar for 3 years now. However, we have yet to distribute tokens for my contributions before 2022 to ensure that we could operate with a 5% allocation. Astar does not intend to pay tokens for pre-launch contributions, but it is unrealistic to expect everyone to share 5% of the tokens when the number of employees grows to a hundred.

Token Distribution Mechanism

To clarify this proposal, I would also like to explain how we distribute our tokens to employees. This is a typical black box for many crypto projects, but we want to make a transparent community so we disclose the mechanism.

To make a long story short, we distribute tokens with 6-month vesting with 4 cliffs. There is a token option contract every 6 months. The amount of tokens members can get from a certain cliff can increase depending on their time in the Astar team. The essence here is that the longer people work, the more tokens they can get. This incentivizes people to stay at Astar. If a person leaves during the vesting period, the person can’t receive any tokens. I have created a diagram below to give more context.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask here.


Would be great to get some feedback from community members on this topic! We would love to know if you can support this or have suggestions.

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I think this is such a great proposal. While more and more people with unique talents we hire is the best. Astar has a huge potential and it needs to be expanded more and more all over the world. This is what successful players in our industry are doing. I support this. Let’s go for big!

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We like the proposed model. Will support it for sure.

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I think it’s important to hire the best talents, especially in the middle of bear market, and seems very reasonable allocation to compete with other protocols.
Next 1-2 years will be essential to provide a good user experience and some innovations on Defi and Web3 gaming with WASM and XVM. Will be nice to know if Astar pretend to just hire programmers or they have plans to hire more Growth jobs, like community managers, content creators and analysts.


Do your best for Astar guyzz


I am totally in favor of this proposal. It’s an investment in the future of Astar. We have to be competitive and need to invest more to stay so.


Let the builders build!


It seems necessary to reduce collator staking rewards.

I agree with this proposal


Agreed, need to be ready for US and EU expansion! :slight_smile:


Great projects require great developers/team members. It’s a good proposal for the Astar improvement :+1:


This is a reasonable proposal in order to grow and get adoption worldwide. Japan is doing phenomenal, any updates in the USA for adoption?

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I support this proposal

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Fully support this initiative.

Developers are true gold of a ecosystem. When the hype is gone what was built is what sustains.

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Thank you everyone for your active participation. And glad that many people support this proposal. We will do our best to make our ecosystem bigger and more decentralized.


Congrats🥳. Our community is huge. Thank you everyone for participating. Let’s continue moving forward Astar Network, Let’s go for big!
Thank you