On-chain Analytic Infrastructure for the EVM Pallet

Thanks, Toma for the good news!

  1. native substrate account: XoDc3yb69d2XUCP8LYjHn2j6r9Xx1P8PKHWFcsb3Z1mfkSL
  2. verified contract address: 0xb0a74EE0732efb430A0c07dC8A93c104033C6EAa
  3. Tagged Github repos: https://github.com/AstarNetwork/graph-infra & https://github.com/AstarNetwork/graph-endpoints
  4. Form sent!

Let me know if there is anything else!


Hey @DiegoTowers
I have a 404 error with this two repos, probably because these repos are private.
Please could you change the visibility?

Thanks in advance

Yes! Let me check with the DevOps team!

Whitelisting is done. You can now proceed to register on the portal

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Thank you so much for your clarification

Welcome to our dApp staking. I have very high expectations of your project.

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Congratulations! Welcome to dApp staking program.

Congrats and welcome to dApp staking program.
Feel free to share your progress here.
For the Lucky dApp and the decentralized oracles, we have several indexes running on subquery and subsquid and I would be happy to test yours.

Congratulations and welcome to Astar dApp staking program. Please feel free to update us about your progress here! Thank you.