STAKECRAFT Builders Program Application - Snapshot service for Astar

Hi everyone.
STAKECRAFT Validator would like to apply to join the builder program of Astar Network.
We launched a pruned database snapshot service for Astar Network collators.
Our snapshots are more suitable for collators nodes rather than RPC nodes because pruning 1000 is set.
It can be found here
There is also a link to our GitHub where you can find all the information related to the Astar Snapshot service GitHub - Stakecraft/astar-collator-snapshots: Pruned database snapshot service for Astar Network collators

A small brief about us
StakeCraft validator’s team consists of geeks with vast experience in developing and managing digital data and rich technical background. Everyone has been involved in crypto at least since 2017.
We have certificates from Cisco and Kubernetes and experience with Linux and cloud platforms for more than 5 years.
Our team has earned recognition in the crypto community as a reliable team that approaches with the highest responsibility for all tasks.
We are supporters of decentralization; we support projects by participating in consensus and actively participating in governance protocols.
We also actively participate in Testnets.
Since we are focused on long-term and productive cooperation, we provide additional services for supported projects, for example, a snapshot service, relayers, etc.
:white_check_mark:We use Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring.
:white_check_mark:We also have our custom-made 24/7 real-time monitoring system, that operates from a separate secured environment.
:white_check_mark:We have our private discord channel where we track all updates in supported networks. So we implement updates almost immediately.
We’re always on alert.


Hi StakeCraft

Can you explain more about what you are asking with this application?
We don’t have a builders program, but we do have SpaceLabs that can help with a lot: Astar Network - Astar & Shiden Builders Program