Proposal for Developing an Astar Network Dashboard

As a data analyst with extensive experience, I’ve been closely monitoring the advancements within the Astar Network. The recent integration of Dune Analytics piqued my interest, prompting me to propose a collaborative project aimed at enhancing the Astar ecosystem.

Proposal Overview:

I am eager to contribute to the Astar community by designing and implementing a comprehensive Astar Dashboard. This dashboard will not only spotlight key metrics and dynamics of this parachain but will also incorporate the latest updates in tokenomics.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Metrics: The dashboard will present an array of essential metrics, including transaction volumes, gas fees data, staking yields, and more, providing a holistic view of the network’s performance.

Tokenomics Integration: Reflecting recent adjustments in tokenomics

  • Dappstaking V3 Burn
  • DappStaking V3 Dapps overview
  • Collator earnings before/after and other collator data
  • Dynamic inflation rate data
  • Other…

Key Questions:

To further align this project with the community’s needs and the team’s vision, I would appreciate insights into the following:

  • Are there any technical challenges obtaining the data mentioned above from dune, especially the gas fee data such as base fee per gas, values of next fee multiplier, etc.
  • Is there a go-to person I can contact regarding the data points ?


I look forward to the possibility of collaboration and am open to further discussions to refine this proposal to meet the community’s needs and expectations.


That’s great, I hope you will do your best.
I am not an engineer, so I can’t help you, but if you can, please help someone who can.

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@you425 Thanks for the support! :grin:

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I think it’s a very good idea. Creating a dashboard to show the community the amount being burned and the inflation rate would be great. The Ethereum community has a website called Ultra Sound Money ( where all the data is available. It can serve as a reference.

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Thanks @defiguy for the reference :raised_hands:t2: This site does have extensive data. Could you please guide me if this burn data (especially the data for collators and the rewards being burned - in case of Astar) available on Dune? I am unable to find this data especially for Astar Network.

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I am not sure if the tokens are explicitly burned or they are just omitted from minting. Can someone from the Astar Team confirm?

Thank you for your interesting proposal.

Blockchain is a type of database. It’s a treasure trove of various data, and obtaining and visualizing their states can be beneficial for developers, users, investors, and other stakeholders.

Although I’m not an analyst, I have knowledge in statistics and often analyze and visualize data using ‘R’, reporting it to gain insights for business development.

In my impression, for example, about Astar Network’s dApp Staking v3, a lot of information has been made relatively easy to understand on the portal page. This was meaningful. I look forward to the enhancement of on-chain data in the future.

In terms of the methods used at that time, there is room for consideration, especially for analytics tools. There are various tools and services. Whether to integrate them using these, or to create and use your own API, I think it would be good to introduce them according to the strategy, goals, and purposes of the Astar Network.

For your proposal, I think it would be good if the Core Team could accept it, and then discuss and consider it from the perspectives of strategy, analysis (data scientist), and UI/UX. I believe that this point will be conveyed by your posting on this forum.


Very interesting your proposal! Actually, I was relying on the information I was receiving from the Astar portal and blockscout (to take transactional data). However, your proposal to create a dashboard with seamless integration of dApp staking and more, makes sense to me.

I would love to see more details of the project to understand how you would go about it:

  1. screenshots of the design, to see how you propose to do it.
  2. Integrations, all the data it will show.
  3. Timing, super important because we need it now.
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This is a fantastic proposal for the Astar Dashboard, especially with its focus on key metrics and tokenomics using Dune Analytics. It promises to be an invaluable resource for the community, enhancing understanding and engagement with the Astar ecosystem. Excited to see this initiative progress!

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It seems a really interesting proposal. Having a dashboard that simply and clearly displays all the fundamental metrics of the ASTAR ecosystem would be a great step forward for an increasingly user-friendly ecosystem. It would certainly be a winning move. I look forward to updates

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I think it’s a great suggestion. I fully support it.

Who would be the best person to contact about this matter?

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Sorry to bring up something completely unrelated to the key questions, but just FYI, I observed several cases in another emerging blockchain where a project issued meme tokens and simultaneously built a community through proactive network contribution activities, including the development of a useful dashboard for the emerging ecosystem. They are also managing social activities using social media accounts synchronized with the ticker’s name and image, continuing to evolve the dashboard and build a loyal community. It was quite interesting.

Of course, expecting immediate value accrual interactions between the dashboard and the token might be challenging, but the approach of contributing clearly to the ecosystem through a dashboard while forming a sub-community seems to be an effective strategy.

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@Juminstock Thanks!! I was thinking of combining the basic data of ASTAR like Transaction Volume, Transfer Amount, Average block Time, Accounts, Contracts, Extrinsics etc. along with the dApp staking V3 bits like how much collators, dApp builder and treasury are being allocated, how much of the tokens are being burned or omitted from minting (as asked by aleks in the above comments), the fee model data points etc.
As for the timing, right now i am unable to find this data on Dune so I am also looking forward to some guidance.


Great, you will just show the most relevant information that most users need when interacting with the network.

Sounds great. I am pretty sure you have already seen the existing dashboard -

Ofc there is some data missing which you pointed out. Would be happy to see the dashboard you build incorpated in that existing astar dashboard on the portal aswell.

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So cool. I love your initiatives. I’m looking forward to seeing great things like this =)

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