Reward Claiming on Astar portal doubt

I did not have my laptop for approx. 15days. Just got it back.
When i opened Astar Portal to claim my rewards of almost 10-15days, the “Claim reward” section shows 0 unclaimed rewards.
I have “re-stake” after claiming “ON”

But i did not claim anything for 15days still i have no Astar to claim on Portal.
I dont remember total rewards claimed number of 10days ago and today.

Is there any mechanism that Astar is claimed automatically if not claimed for couple of days ?

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The Portal does not show unclaimed rewards. You HAVE TO manually claim them.
Just log in to your account > Dapp staking > Claim rewards.

Make sure your wallet is connected. Users are facing problems logging in using a specific endpoint. If it is your case try:
-Cleaning cache
-Changing endpoint
-Restarting browser

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@pitcoin777 Actually “Claim reward” section is not showing anything, i didnt claim anything still it seems like everythings claimed.

I am not facing issue in Logging in, its working smoothly.

Just the rewards seem to be Claimed automatically without me manually doing anything, that i didnt think was possible

Rewards are not claimed automatically. We do not have this function now. But if your claim button is greyed out, you need to do what Pitcoin said.

  1. On the top right, please switch to a different endpoint.

  2. Clear browser cache and restart.

Hope this helps


@pitcoin777 @moonme

Changing the endpoint worked, and Claim button wasnt gred out anymore.

But had to claim many times again and again !
But it worked, thank you guys !