Weekly Technical Update July 20th

  • Added extension metadata update button for Astar UI. The portal is now accessible and usable from https://portal.astar.network/
  • We will start migrating our portal app to Quasar Framework
  • Downgrading Shibuya to Polkadot runtime version 0.9.7 from 0.9.8 due to a bug for parachains
  • Runtime upgrades for Shiden. We adjusted the transaction fees, added utility pallet (for batch tx) and identity pallet
  • Added Identity pallet to Dusty5.
  • We will create a standard release environment for Astar production nodes
  • Started drafting the Ethereum bridge contract development for Dusty. We aim to create a bridge contract between Dusty and Ropsten before August 30, 2021, and record a demo of cross-chain token swapping

awesome,waitting muche more updates and growings

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