What can you do with the Plasm's NFT art-card?

Recently a new Polkapet has released: Plasm! This collectible NFT goes beyond just holding value as art by adding unique utility to each cardholder in our and Polkapets ecosystem.

Read the full announcement here:

The sale was a huge success! The 800 NFT art-cards sold out in just over 4 minutes—the fastest sale ever on a Polkapet release. Did you catch one?

With this article, we want to clarify the utilities for Plasm.

  1. Be part of the exclusive PolkaPets world, the world’s first blockchain-based, collectible monsters game, and get extra in-game power.

  1. You will own a limited edition Plasm NFT art-card!

This card is unique. Only 1200 cards minted to excision, and from this total, 800 NFT’s were sold during the sale. Having this digital art-card is already a must-have inside our strong community.

  1. VIP benefits within Plasm Network.

The benefits, for now, are still very limited but will increase in the upcoming future. One main reason is that we don’t want to put many of our resources into this during our current development stage.

As the Polkadot dApps hub, there will be a lot of projects building on Plasm. Those projects can also use our holders with extra benefits like:

  • Join newly developed dApps as a beta user.
  • Receive invites from invite-only dApps.
  • Get airdrops from projects who are building on Plasm.
  • Get limited NFT cards from future NFT dApps on Plasm.

We will encourage future dApps to take part in providing utilities to our NFT holders.

What do I get now?

We want to build an NFT community inside Plasm ecosystem. With this card you are holding, we invite you to a private channel on Discord. As soon you are part of this channel, you will get:

  • Special status on our Discord.
  • Updates on upcoming utilities. See benefits above.
  • We will also organize Zoom meetings with our cardholders.

NFTyLabs created a platform to verify every cardholder, so only cardholders get an invite to this channel. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://www.nftylabs.org/NFTYConnect/
  2. Connect with your MetaMask (your account must contain the NFT card)
  3. Fill in your information (Telegram, Discord)
  4. Search for Plasm in the list.
  5. Connect your wallet and get verified.
  6. You will see an invitation to our Discord, when you click this link you will get access to our private channel and receive a special status.

NOTE: if you are already a member of our Discord, you first have to leave the server and use the invite you see on NFTyLabs. Feel free to reply to this thread for support.


Perfect perfect … really perfect

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There is so much VIP benefits for cardholder. Great!

Everyone that owns a pet will get a special title in the:


People who bought an NFT card on an NFT trend who have no idea about Plasm Network get VIP status… I think early investors are more valuable…

We’re still early though…

Early investors will be compensated anyway…

I follow all the announcements and knew about the polkapets giveaway through plasm…
Why not compensate early adopters that keep up with news articles?

Will plasm polkapet holders get plasm tokens airdropped?

VIP=NFT…? strangely
VIP= Early investor + NFT… reasonably

That’s just my opinion

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I agree with oldKOT. This plasm card didn’t circulated in a true plasm community. Only those private individual investor get all of this card and sell in high price only. How it sale in bondly it’s not fair. But all lock drop happened is fair enough for the community.

We know that the sale didn’t go as planned but this was out of our control.
Let’s see who this all works out for the NFT card.

Thanks for your feedback.

This is good news for everyone

I get that some of the cards went to people who don’t have an interest in Plasm but not all of them. I’ve been following Plasm and Polkadot for a while. Just because I wasn’t an early investor doesn’t mean I’m not a “true Plasm” community member.

I think most of the 800 cards are the basic foundation of the Plasma community. Nobody will buy a card if they don’t believe in the project. I didn’t have time to buy in the first 4 minutes, but I bought it later on opensia.io because I am confident of success

You are correct!
We do see our early investors as “true Plasm” members. We couldn’t thank you guys enough for the support you gave us. This NFT card is something else than joining lockdrops.

Early investor that believe the project first and nft card holder are both important in plasm community. How ever I’m saying the way nft card distributed is not fair, lock drop are 101% fair distribution. Coz many unbeliever just waiting every sale any cards and almost buy it all and make profit only and sold to plasm believers in a very high price.

I think better to whitelist first only in the plasm community. Submitting names and addresses. And limit only 1 - 2 card per address. And create corresponding max supply of the cards. But it’s already done and we cannot undo it anymore. But how plasm team just focus in network first and more important programming activity. I salute to all plasm team and all plasm community together we are more stronger.


As you mentioned in the above message, we can’t do this because of 2 reasons. First, this NFT program is driven by Bondly. We didn’t decide the economics. Second, we are focusing on protocol rather than applications now.

Plasm’s protocol and Plasm’s application are two different things just like Ethereum and Uniswap. Ethereum core developers don’t decide Uniswap’s token economics and how it works. Just like this, we don’t decide the application’s token economics. We shouldn’t decide this.


I have the NFT! However when registering I didn’t use my discord #. Please help!!

This is the new address. They updated contract yesterday. Don’t forget to collect.

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