Why Deflation Matters for Coin

I am poor at English.
But I want to have a discussion
be writing through a translator
Please understand

I’d like to talk about the importance of the coin to deflation
I think a lot of developers are thinking very wrong
Developers don’t seem to understand how important deflation is for coins at all
This is a serious story

What is popular about why users use the network?
It is because of the price of the coin
Coin prices gather on the network expecting to rise
Users have no reason to join the network if coin prices are going to fall

Most of the network users are not developers
They expect the benefit to be given to them
If you don’t fill this up, the network will be thrown away immediately
It’s not important that the fee is cheap at all
Everyone Wants To Use Ethereum
Think about the reason
Ethereum is so expensive in fees that it’s hard for the average person to use
But everyone wants to own it

If the price of astr falls, the node cannot be maintained
Because there’s no reason to join the node
There’s no reason to stay
Incubation is not maintained

How do you try to keep the astr system if people don’t feel a reason to buy an astr?

Without users, there’s no reason for developers to come in
Because they also have to make money
Some developers seem to think that the deflation of the coin should not happen for the eternal use of the network
If it doesn’t create deflation, the network will die faster with no users

How much do you understand the importance of deflation?
Let’s talk about everything

Exercise is important to people, but if you don’t eat, you can’t do any good exercise
Deflation is like a meal
Coins are like stocks
A company that is not responsible for the interests of its shareholders is doomed
Do you understand this?

Try increasing fees tenfold and creating deflation right now
Developers will come in without having to incubate
Users will also flock
The astr network will be number one without publicity

This is, of course, an extreme example
But it is concerning that many developers seem to have no understanding why deflation matters

I’m not talking about the price
Don’t get me wrong
I’m talking about the core of all the coins to survive

Unfortunately, the price is everything for the user
And those users are the majority of the network’s configuration
I think deflation should be the top priority in development
Of course, proper speed control is necessary
I think there needs to be a debate about the importance of deflation

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I thought good of astr’s zkevm
But now I recognize it as a very serious problem

from the developer’s point of view
There is absolutely no reason to use the astr native
Every dapp would want a zkevm
So what happens to the astr?
Will it be thrown away?

They burn it with Ethereum fees
So is the use of astr only incineration?

I think it will be a better future for astr to abandon zkevm and build its own ecosystem of Japanese companies within the Asta network
Of course, I know it’s going to be hard right now
But you have to build your own ecosystem to be a reason for others to use astr
It is a powerful force to improve the tvl of astr
But what is zkevm?
Does the plan to make Japan Web3 first come true?
Does astr use zkevm create an ecosystem of astr’s own?
This is to give up your dream
It’s a choice that won’t make a difference from Ethereum’s L2
It’s giving up the discrimination power of astr
This will lead to the fall of the astr
Because dapps in zkevm can take a chance and go to another L2

zkevm is for Ethereum after all
It will make users have no reason to buy an astr

So how do you try to maintain astr’s system?

Do you think you’re using that chain because you have a good dapp?
You’re welcome…
The user likes the chain, so he stays there and uses the dapp there
Let’s not confuse the order

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Inflation is not the problem… demand is!

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I’ve written this article about the subject

It’s not that we don’t know the importance of adequate inflation
The problem is that astr has no factors to create deflation other than incineration
In the future, all dapps use zkevm
So how can astr create deflation?
It’s a coin that doesn’t have any use…

The native network is all set to turn a blind eye
If everyone has to choose between Ethereum and Asta, of course it’s Ethereum
Don’t you think so?

Astr pays staking interest or
be used to support development costs
There is no use at all other than that
This is a good thing, but it’s actually a factor that lowers the price of astr
Only incineration is the price increase factor for astr, but it is also lower than inflation
Just as XRP has no use other than being thrown into the market, so has ASTR
Do investors need to have an astr?
If you can’t make use of it, all of Astr’s systems will collapse

What do you think developers would do with getting an astr?
It’s all about throwing it on the market
What do you think will happen if you get staking interest?
It’s all about throwing it on the market
Are you kidding me?

Team Astr seems to have given up on the native network when they launched zkevm
Even though it’s L1, they promote it as L2
There is no road map for 2024
It became a coin for a conman
Holders have become very poor people
It advertised like it was great, but Sony’s blockchain doesn’t affect the price of ASTR at all…
Because there’s no particular connection, actually
I believed a lot, but I was very disappointed in Sota

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Should holders have ASTR to cover development costs?

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I completely agree. The main reason for this is that projects starting from scratch on the Astar Network are very new, while projects coming from other networks are joining the network with a multi-chain mindset primarily for financial gain.

Apart from this, I believe that initiatives on Astar will also increase through Startale.

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