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ok… hope this project could recovery.

Hello @ctaco.

On behalf of the Astar community I would like to ask for the milestones reached by the project so far and what is the roadmap to solve “hacking crisis” also the next steps of development. Transparent and open communication with the community is essential. I cordially ask that you please consider my message.Thanks


i agree with you. :thinking: people need more information.

seems nothing happened,now arthswap turn

team still here? or this project is dead.

seems dead. they haven’t been active in their discord since the 21st or so. I think they’re in over their heads like many other projects here and just don’t have the stones to figure it out and right the ship in the bear.

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Hello, on behalf of our reputation we have considered proceeding with at least 2 announcements per week concerning the current state and dev updates. New one coming today

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hope you guys could do this.

so algorithmic stable coiins DONT work then… at all