Proposal To Delist Orcus Finance From dApp staking

I am writing on behalf of Astar SpaceLabs.

After monitoring Orcus Finance over the last many months, we are not pleased with what is happening.

We understand that Orcus Finance is a highly experimental project therefore having a failed product is not really an issue. Algorithmic stablecoin has not been really proven to work well. This is fine because it is better to try building than do nothing.

Our main reason behind this proposal is that Orcus team has disappeared from the community. After raising money from the community, this is such an unethical thing to do.

You can also find the community discussion about Orcus on this thread.

What they have done is not aligned with our core values; Product + Ethics.

If you are reading this post, please share your thoughts. I will start the voting poll next Monday. Forum users with Trust Level 2 and above will be able to vote.


This is a good initiative, I will support delisting.
Dapp staking is intended to live constantly.
Orcus has unfortunately failed to deliver its promises, then delisting becomes obvious and should be applied soon.

Of course, project team can still get back to work and a new vote can onboard them again if some positive progress is noted in the future.


A good proposal. Where can I vote?

I agree too… I think nothing is more important than ethics…

If the Orcus team is out of the community, the vote could be earlier than next Monday.
The longer we wait to vote, the more we will be paid, right?

I support this proposal. I tried contacting them many times asking for a roadmap since Starlay voting and I got a late response many weeks later. They made a few Twitter posts and then disappeared again.

Ethos + community first.

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Yes of course, you can, have to delist Orcus Finance which is not compliant with our ‘Philosophy’.

Agreed. Just casts bad light on our ecosystem.

I support the proposal, it is important to have a healthy group of dApps in Astar dApp Staking as these are the first projects new users will see when they join Astar for the first time.

Full support to this proposal.

I want to to hear from as many community members. Not everybody is checking on Discord annoucement or this forum everyday.

Seems the team is not responsive anymore on Telegram to my messages or @moonme messages.
I support this initiative.

no response and seem-to-run-away is not at all responsible for their project and their words. Second for delisting.

I think this is a good community initiative. dApp staking is designed to support projects that are actively involved in the community. If they are not, we don’t have a reason to list them.

Delist Orcus Finance From dApp Staking
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I agree too. I think that it is a good proposal.

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I’m agree with. I’m sad to see this kind of projects with no ethical and integrity. I will vote to delist

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Have voted Yes. Thank you for making this proposal.

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they really disappointed people.

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