ADAO - Builders Program Application

About ADAO

A-DAO will be based on dApp staking of Astar Network. Users will get some of the developer rewards while participating and gaining basic rewards. At present, A-DAO divides the developer rewards into: Revenue Reward, On-chain Treasury, Incubation Fund, any rewards of which can be adjusted by DAO governance.

Revenue Reward

60% of developer revenue will be distributed to all users who participate in staking Astar, for A-DAO itself was created to allow everyone to get more income.

On-chain Treasury

30% of the developer revenue will be allocated to the on-chain treasury, which will first be used to invest in ecological projects on Astar, including but not limited to: project investment, liquidity mining, etc.

Incubation Fund

10% of the earliest developer revenue will be allocated to the project side. After the establishment of the DAO committee, any builders who are conducive to ecological development can apply for this fund.

About Community Governance

In order to prevent people from doing something bad in the early stage, A-DAO will set up a committee. There will be 10 members of the committee. For early proposals, committee approval and more than 50% committee votes are required for members voting activities.

How Work dApp Staking

Users can pledge $Astr tokens through Staking on the ADAO official website to obtain the interest- bearing token $ibAstr, ADAO can continue to accumulate income for ADAO users, and also allow more users to participate in the ADAO project to obtain $Astr via IBstaking.

How Work Rewards

Users stake to lock their $ADAO tokens, or LP gain voting weight to participate in governance, in addition to receiving additional $ADAO token rewards and ADAO project investment income.

About $ADAO Token

$ADAO token is the governance, investment income distribution token of ADAO community.

Airdrop object:
A-DAO dApp Staking users
Astar Network dApp Staking users
A-DAO Community
Astar Community


We are an anonymous team with more than 5 years of development, investment and community operation experience and resources in the blockchain industry.


Future Plans

ADAO hopes to build a DAO for income investment on Astar. More Web2 practitioners will choose Astar. ADAO is the starting point to the Web3 world and makes the Web3 world more exciting.



Thanks a lot! Our community and @Ambassadors will give some feedback.

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dApp Staking



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Road Map


Thanks for choosing Astar. My first request would be, can you please refrain from tagging everybody in the tweet, like this?


Thank you for reminding


Hi, A-DAO team,

Here are my questions;

  1. Basically, instead of staking on dAppstaking page on Portal, user will stake on A-DAO using metamask instead with higher APY, no lockup period?

  2. ibASTR is a liquid token like liquid KSM on Karura?

  3. Since team will go anonymous. 10 committees will decide, do you have a plan who are these committees?

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, by staking on A-DAO platform, users will get $ASTR and $ADAO as rewards ?

What is tokenomics of $ADAO ?

Thanks for your question

  1. Users can stake their $Astr to generate $ibAstr. To redeem $ibAstr, users need to comply with the Astar dAppstaking rules. Of course, liquidity is very important for tokens. We will build the liquidity of $ibAstr/$Astr based on several Swap platforms recognized by the community. Users who create LP staking in our pool can get $ADAO reward.
  2. $ibAstr is an interest-bearing voucher token for participating in dAppstaking, and the A-DAO contract will allocate daily rewards to $ibAstr.
  3. We will invite 3 influential members in the Astar community to serve as committee members. The A-DAO project will occupy 2 seats in the early committee. For the rest of the committee members, we will initiate registration in the Astar community, and the committee will check and conduct an open vote to elect members.
  4. Yes, users only need to stake their $ibAstr


  • Token ticker: ADAO
  • Token decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Text % Total supply Rule
Community 25% Details TBA
Liquidity Mining 35% Over 4 years
Treasury 15% 20% Unlocked at TGE, Then released as necessary
Investors 10% 15% Unlocked at TGE, Then over 24 months
Team 15% 10% Unlocked at TGE, Then over 36 months
Community Distribute % Total supply
A-DAO dApp Staking users 70%
A-DAO Community 10%
Astar Network dApp Staking users 15%
Astar Community 5%
Voting to join Builders program
  • Yes
  • No

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Could you show some an overview of architecture how are you going to deliver the proposal? In case you are anonymous, committee you mentioned are going also to be anonymous? :upside_down_face:

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  1. We will use the contract to call Astar’s precomile Staking contract to obtain applications such as user acquisition; use the supervisory proxy method to vote for the project
  2. Our team is anonymous, but committee members outside the team are public
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There is no MVP information on GitHub?

Since we will use the contract to call Astar’s precomile staking contract to acquire other applications for users, we need to wait for Astar’s precomile dApp Staking contract to go online.

If a user loses their liquidity token, does their ADAO token still exist?

Don’t worry about this, users will still have their ADAO Tokens if they lose liquidity tokens.

Is there a museum that can incubate items?

Regarding the incubator, we hope to seek the opinions of the community before designing.

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ADAO contract on joining the builders program!
Great to have you on board!

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Thanks to the Astar community for the recognition and help