Astar Degens DAO - Builders Program Application

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I am from the Astar Degens DAO. Our Builders Program Application is detailed below. Please let me know if I can provide any additional details.

We are seeking to join the dApp staking program so that our community members can support our project and power grassroots creation and development on Astar. Funds raised through the dApp staking will be directed to the various aims and goals of the DAO detailed in our application below. These funds will be used for incentivizing Astar ecosystem content creation and marketing, incubating community projects, creating educational resources and investing in Astar network projects through our community VC fund.

Astar Degens - Builders Project Application Project Overview

Astar Degens is a NFT based, community DAO


Our mission is to incubate promising projects and bring new ideas to the Astar Ecosystem with the help of a community-governed DAO fund. We want to achieve this by mobilising our community to invest in, promote and provide exposure to new Astar network projects.

Our collective efforts will also act as a community incubator, allowing abstract ideas to transition toward economically viable projects. Community participation and DAO voting will direct our treasury toward supporting promising creators within the Astar ecosystem. Whether you are a developer, artist, creator, influencer or any other community member with a great idea - all are welcome and all will be rewarded for their constructive contributions.

We believe our platform will create a thriving ecosystem, by incentivizing individual participation. Our DAO is a powerful tool with the ability to bring new ideas forward, and to build a robust future for the interoperable block-chain space.


NFT’s are more than just art. They galvanise a community of holders with a shared vision and enable a community to come together behind a common purpose. We propose to incorporate NFT’s into the DAO from the beginning of the project. They form a key part of our governance structure with community voting power distributed through the minted NFT’s.

The first NFT mint provided the initial treasury funding and ongoing revenue to seed the investment activities of the DAO. This first NFT collection will provide additional utility to community members as the DAO grows and collaborates with new and existing Astar ecosystem projects.


Discord user names

VD_546|Astar Degens #6134 - Founder of Astar Degens. Long standing Astar community member since Lockdrop Two. Passionate about building and supporting a strong Web3 ecosystem on Astar and Polkadot as a whole.

Mario | Astar #6707 - Founder of Astar Degens. Web 3.0 developer. The technical brains behind the successful implementation of our vision for Astar Degens DAO.

Ramz#1254 - Astar Ambassador and Community Manager for Astar Degens. Based in the US and passionate about governance structures and models. Aiming to strategically align projects that can mutually benefit each other.

Dr. Preposterous #2539 - Passionate community member. One of the initial driving forces behind the formation of the Astar Degens community. Focusing on the safety and longevity of the DAO, as well as the wider Astar ecosystem.

PnP #3971 - Astar Ambassador and Astar ecosystem supporter. Passionate about connecting people throughout the Dotsama ecosystem in order to grow and expand our shared communities.




NTF Collection

DAO Platform Snapshot

Past Performance and track record

Early stage project only launching in the last few months. Over 3200 members via organic growth and without serious marketing efforts. This will rapidly accelerate once marketing initiatives are rolled out in the very near future

Launched our first NFT (Degen Apes) on the 21st of February. 10,000 NFTs were sold out within 36 hours. 70% of the funds raised were deposited into the DAO treasury ready for investment into Astar community ventures and projects.

Many firsts for Astar network in our initial launch

  • First large, organized, NFT project on Astar
  • First sold out NFT collection on Astar
  • First community DAO project on Astar
  • First partnership established with a DAO (Astar Degens + TBA)
  • First governance proposal and vote completed as a DAO

Although early stage, we think it is important to bootstrap community building ventures like this proposal in order to quickly build a community around the Astar parachain. Our analysis of Shiden on Kusama is that a stronger community and associated network effects would have assisted in the growth and adoption of the projects that were onboarded to Shiden.

The early success of Moonriver appears to have been in part due to the strength of the community that took on the identity of the chain and grew up around the projects. Community building projects such as this proposal are essential to grow Astar and the ecosystem which will build on this great technology.

Builders Program Roadmap


Milestone 1: Initial community NFT Mint - Astar Degen Apes (Completed 22 February 2022)

Detail: Minted 10,000 Astar Degen Apes. The mint sold out within 36 hours and was completed on the 22nd of February. The mint was limited to 5 NFTs per wallet to ensure the community could be as large and diverse as possible from day one .

The NFTs function as a utility token for the DAO with voting rights, profit share and future airdrop entitlements attached to the original NFT collection.

Collaboration with other projects will give these original NFTs additional utility for users and will allow new projects to tap into a ready-made community who are invested and engaged in the Astar ecosystem.

Milestone 2: DAO governance and structure

Estimated End Date: 30 April 2022

Detail: Finalise the DAO structure including governance structure and platform to be utilised by the community. Hold first official DAO vote using the Degen NFT. 1 NFT = 1 vote. [Completed]. Enable multi-signature wallet and initial transparent DAO and treasury reporting.

Proposed collaboration with XDAO to use their battle tested platform

Milestone 3: Launch Focussed community groups known as Tribes to power Astar growth

Estimated End Date: 30 April 2022, First Tribes launched and operating by 30 March 2022

Detail: The Tribes (focused community groups) are similar to guilds or houses in other DAO’s. They will become the powerhouse of the community. We are organising these Tribes around the skills, experience and passions of our great community members.

Example Tribes we are creating include:

Media and Promotion Tribe - Community members with content creation, distribution and social media skills . We will harness this community group to provide mutual benefit to our partner projects through production of video, medium and social media content. Contributors will be rewarded for their efforts and the DAO will be rewarded through value accruing to our early stage investments in our partner projects. Partner projects will benefit from the content provision and increased community awareness and use of their protocol.

NFT and Art Tribe - Artists, developers and community members with ideas for innovative NFTs and never seen before utility NFTs. We want to nurture these creative community members and streamline the process from idea to NFT in the wild. The DAO also has a vision to build the infrastructure so that NFT investors can participate in verified projects with founders who are in the Astar ecosystem for the long term.

Ape Hackers Tribe - A community group to build a resource hub for those wanting to build and create on the Astar network. Initial members include traditional developers looking to transition to the Web 3 space and crypto enthusiasts who are building their skills. Our vision is to provide a space for this community and incubate and support original projects produced from this community for the mutual benefit of all involved and the greater Astar ecosystem.

DAO Treasury and Investment Tribe - Members with the skill, experience and passion to power the investment fund arm of the community.The initial plan for the treasury is to make early stage investments in Astar ecosystem projects. These will be mutually beneficial investments where the DAO is able to invest at an early stage. The first project has been identified and agreements are in the process of being finalised.

Further to the initial aims of the DAO fund, the Treasury Tribe is having initial discussions and working up strategic plans incorporating potential ideas including, NFT staking, operating an Astar ecosystem index fund, creating additional utility NFTs to power promotion and adoption of Astar Defi protocols, cross chain investments that build the Astar network effect and many more.

Milestone 4: Finalise DAO Treasury operating guidelines and strategic road map

Estimated End Date:15 May 2022 (initial treasury guidelines earlier)

Detail: In combination with our DAO governance plan and structure the Treasury Tribe will finalise initial plans for the operating guidelines of the DAO treasury. These guidelines will codify how the treasury funds are deployed and the process for proposed investments to be voted on and approved by the community of NFT holders.

A strategic plan will also be drafted with the best of our communities ideas added to progress and build out for potential vote by the community and eventual deployment. Early stage ideas relating to NFT staking, Astar ecosystem index fund, utility NFTs that unlock and promote the adoption of Defi on the Astar network as well as cross chain investments aimed at bringing greater network adoption.

Milestone 5: Initial seed investments by DAO treasury fund (Community VC Investments)

Estimated End Date: 30 May 2022

Detail: Funds raised by the DAO via the initial minting process and other fundraising ventures will be allocated to seed and initial investments in promising Astar ecosystem projects. Collaboration with projects will bring benefit to both the DAO and the Astar ecosystem projects.

Partner projects will benefit from support of the DAO through content provision, marketing initiatives and social media outreach, product testing and overall increased community awareness and use of their protocol. The DAO will be rewarded through value accruing to our early stage investments in our partner projects

We have made initial contact with early stage projects and a partnership proposal has already been voted on by the community of NFT holders. This initial investment is being finalised and is hoped to be completed in the short term.

Future Plans

DAO dApp - A DAO owned dApp to provide additional services to NFT holders, projects, start ups and other community members. To initially include NFT minting, token creation and distribution services and distribution of DAO profits to original NFT holders.

Play to earn game - A play to earn game,incorporating the DAO NFT and/or providing holders with additional utility within the game

Add utility to original NFT mint - Continue to add utility to the original NFT mints via collaboration with new projects within the Astar ecosystem. Mutually beneficial to the DAO and ecosystem projects leading to larger and larger network effects.

Community project incubator - a home to nurture great ideas including NFT, Defi, social or any other project which the community supports.

Community Launchpad - for projects that have been incubated by the community and are ready to launch. Reward the community with early access and projects will benefit from the large and engaged Astar Degens community.

Education and marketing - Multiple educational channels and media for marketing of Astar ecosystem projects. An army of freelance community members spreading the word, incentivised via reward for effort in form of token or utility NFT. Launched Youtube channel: Astar Degens - YouTube

Charitable and common good projects - Charitable focused projects and common good projects will be incubated via the DAO. Community members will vote to progress and support the most worthy projects and allocated treasury resources.

Information and Resources - We will make the DAO the hub of the Astar ecosystem in terms of information on Astar chain projects. Quality resources updated and verified by the community. We will leverage our content creation Tribe to produce resources that will enable greater adoption of the network.

Astar Social and Metaverse - The community could form the basis for an Astar centric social platform. This may be a standalone venture or likely in partnership with existing Dotsama platforms to foster cross chain and cross token networks. Initially this would likely take the form of engaging with the existing Dotsama social and metaverse plays.

These future plans will be progressed by the formation of our specific DAO Tribes which interested community members can join to further each of these specific aims.

Thank you for considering us for the builders program and dApp staking. If we can provide further information please let me know.

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Astar Degens DAO are already approved for dApp staking when it’s live.

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Thank you for your consideration Maarten and team.

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How do we apply for the builders program ?

Hi AstarLabs there is a template in the forum and when your application has been completed post to the Builders Program section. I’ll send you a link.

You can find more information here: