Astar Crowdloan Whitelist Proposal

Same here, the adress ill participate in Astar crowdloan is not the same i used for Shiden crowdload.

@fouad @Euskoin you can use 1 account within entire Polkadot ecosystem. So if you have Astar/Shiden address no need to create new Polkador address.

Learn more: Polkadot Accounts · Polkadot Wiki

Conversion tools: Polkadot Accounts · Polkadot Wiki

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yes i know but the DOT tokens already in one account, ill need to transfer then.

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Actually, as far as pledge is concerned, it is OK to pledge the SDN account address.But as far as we ambassadors are concerned, participating in ksm and participating in dot are actually two aspects, which can be completely distinguished.

I am a fun of Aster Network and bought Plasm Double Shock NFT, however it seems that our NFT holders did’t get extra bonus like the Moonbeam Community or Crust Community. So I think that Plasm NFT holders can also be snapshoted and been whitelisted, wish your reply. Thanks!

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Great idea, am glad that I’ve come across this group by chance, luck or by some research as am here for long term gains.

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Hi Sota, could I be registered in future Astar whightlist if I moved feew shiden tokens(from plasma lockdrop address) to another address but I didn’t sell the tokens and them I sent tokens in to my plasma lockdrop address??



I like this idea. I would like to propose the minimum SDN to stake/ hold be the maximum rewards amount offered at the Kusama parachain auction (125 SDN?). This allows for people who really believe in the project but couldn’t contribute large amounts in the crowdloan to participate.

In order to not make it too difficult to implement, how about two tiers:

  1. People who still owns 100% of their lockdrop/crowdloans SDNs. This is to discourage dumping, and reward people who were loyal.
  2. People who stakes at least 50% of their crowdloan initial SDN.

When do we expect to have this discussion finalized? I guess Polkadot could open for auctions in November and if so there will be many other things to discuss, so perhaps this particular discussion should be finalized sooner rather than later?

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Hence, it is possible to distinguish them if we monitor all addresses and transactions. Here is the way how it works.

  • SDN token is distributed to people who join either lockdrop or crowdloan.
  • The core team takes a snapshot at the time of X (before the Astar Crowdloan). And the users who hodl SDN tokens at the time of X can be registered in the Astar Crowdloan whitelist and get additonal bonus in Astar tokens.
  • Staking SDN is possible but people who transfer SDN to another address can’t be registered in the whitelist.

Again, the main purpose of the Astar Polkadot crowdloan is to distribute tokens to people who contribute to the ecosystem.