Proposal: Support in returning vDOT transferred to the empty address

Dear Astar Council and Community.
I am a fan of Astar network and an active user of Polkadot ecosystem who always believe in its technology, adoption and bright future.
I am pleased that the system provides the ability to support my case.

2023-11-26 00:58:30 (+UTC) On the Astar portal, 162 vDOT from my address (Yt7waAytaaGH54SpSdCT4XxtzcyYEMDb7F38Zoqu2K9fKm3) was transferred to the empty address (ZPQqW7pPWdzLdi7kkucK9Z6gg12DtumBiwGCg61k8mPgcpc). Here is my tx:

Before this transaction, I had done other transactions on the Astar network and they were all fine.
I provided my full case on Astar discord support ticket and the admin advised me to create this proposal. I use the platform on a daily basis as a normal user, I am honestly not sure of the true reason causing the incident, but I put my trust in the Astar Council and Community to help a faithful member of the platform through our governance system.

I’m asking the Council and Community to support me with resolving this case, because:
1. The recipient account ZPQqW7pPWdzLdi7kkucK9Z6gg12DtumBiwGCg61k8mPgcpc has 0 extrinsic and 1 Transfer from my account Yt7waAytaaGH54SpSdCT4XxtzcyYEMDb7F38Zoqu2K9fKm3, so I assume that no one has access or is using it and these ~162 vDOT is still on this account after the incidence.
2. The amount of asset is impactfully huge to me.
3. The transfer is an unwanted event. As the recipient account is empty, its rollback will not make anyone worse.
In theory, should be a possibility to revert such transactions through “balances.forceTransfer” method like Acala network did before in the aUSD incidence and In this case Return back DOT mistakenly XCM transferred to null address - Acala - Acala & Karura Community Forum, which allows to send vDOT back to my account
From this incident, I also humbly suggest that:
4. This will set the precedent in Astar network to provide additional security layer to user like me in this case and more different cases in the future when the concept of “social recovery” is achieved, but those has to be legal and within the capacity of the Council and community. if this case is resolved successfully, I believe many and many more users will come to Astar because they know that they are supported and protected by Astar network.
5. I confirm with the council that the account Yt7waAytaaGH54SpSdCT4XxtzcyYEMDb7F38Zoqu2K9fKm3 is 100% mine and I will send some ASTR from my account to the empty address above to prove myself legally when the Council request.
I’m really appreciate the support of the Council and Community.
Proponent address: Yt7waAytaaGH54SpSdCT4XxtzcyYEMDb7F38Zoqu2K9fKm3


Dear @Son-Pham

I am sorry for this issue. It looks like you put a wrong address when you transfered vDot tokens.

Maybe I am wrong but the force_transfer method can only be used to transfer the native token of the parachain (ie ASTR token on here).
So I think the method can’t solve your issue and I am not aware about another method to force the transfer of other token.

For information, there already are some precedents in other parachains:

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It’s technically possible because the guy who sent DOT from relaychain to Acala was refunded by this referendum Return back DOT mistakenly XCM transferred to null address - Acala - Acala & Karura Community Forum

I saw the proposal on Khala, and it seems that the user who sent their token to Kucoin exchange address. In my case the receiver address is empty like i said above.

Things happen, what I need the most right now is the support from the Council and our community. As time goes by many users will come to Astar and Blockchain , there are always issues between users and network. Even the most skilled nurses get stuck with a needle at least once in their lives. But if we reach a consensus, problems can be solved. Web3 and Blockchain doesn’t mean people cant have their money returned when unfortunate events occur.

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This example is entirely different because it was sent to a system-owned address. You just sent it to another wallet that is not a system wallet/address. How can you verify this address is not owned by anybody? Because the wallet has 0 extrinsic on Astar doesn’t mean the address is not owned by anyone.


Thank you for the comment regarding the example and my assumption (as stated in my proposal, l wrote “I assume”).
May I take your response as a direct question which I need to answer? Or a statement that my proposal is wrong?
As recommeded by Dr.Cao, the proposal is around the problem and as you said, to request the calldata. If you find the proposal have issue, may you share what I should do to make it better? My sole purpose is to have my fund returned.

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There is nothing wrong with your proposal.

I’m asking how you can confirm this wallet is not owned by anyone. I can use my wallet on Astar but never on Acala this means it also has 0 extrinsic on that chain, but the wallet is still owned by me.

The example you showed is easy to confirm it has no real owner (user) because it was sent to a system address, the chain can control this and the chain can then decide to revoke it and send it back.


Yes, that’s possible to execute a call but this is something the Foundation can’t decide. A vote should be taken where it gets support from our active council on the forum.

Voting can only start after 5 days of discussion.


If you sent to a wrong address, learn the lesson and don’t repeat. Next time, double and triple check where you are sending it to.

Sometimes we lose focus because we are stressed, busy or rushing. So, don’t send money when the conditions are not right.


Seems like its a genuine mistake. And i agree that one should double check before sending… for example, if its your first time transfering to a new account.

Always send a very small amount to test out. Its better to lose that small amount rather than lose the entire bag.

Since this is ur first time. I would vote for a revert .

Hi Maarten.
You asked me how to verify 1 wallet address is not owned by anybody?
I would venture to assume that if the recipient wallet has 0 token and 0 extrinsic/transfers across all chains in the ecosystem, it has no owner.
Polkadot uses SS58 account as a simple account format designed for Substrate based chains. The format contains an address type prefix that identifies an address belonging to a specific network. It’s important to know that different network formats are merely other representations of the same public key in a private-public keypair generated by an address generation tool. As a result, the addresses across Substrate-based chains are compatible if the format is converted correctly. You can read more here:

Our ecosystem block explorer has this tool for address conversion. You can use the tools below to convert any SS58 address for any network for use on different networks:

People can copy and paste any substrate chain addresses into the Search tab on the explorer to find their account has asset or on-chain data in other networks. For example, this account has asset on 7 network:

Sorry for the length, but my newly created account only allows posting a maximum of 5 media embeded items, so I would like to post more.
I also checked manually that the recipient address that i sent to has 0 token and 0 extrinsics/transfers across chains in our ecosystem. This is the general result on Subscan:

@Fantasy For your question: “Is possible to proof the vDOT do not belong to the owner of that wallet?” I assume “that wallet” is the recipient’s wallet that i sent to.
First of all, the vDOT that being sent originally belong to my wallet. I can prove myself that the sender wallet belong to me by sending some ASTR to the recipient wallet.
And since the recipient wallet has no owner as i have ventured to prove above, I think that vDOT belong to me.
If you have any more questions please let me know, i will try to answer.
Thank you for your valuable feedback and support!

Hello @Fantasy.
In fact, like you said, it is impossible to be 100% sure that the recipient’s address is ownerless, so I have to set conditions to prove that the token sent was originally mine, and that recipient account does not have any token or any previous transactions.
So i have to assume that recipient address has no owner.
At your request, I have sent 0.001 ASTR into the account YUEdvzBKukeirpVXKLP3A6V8aneqE8GXy1h4fLusjTBcYxF

Thank you for your feedback. :pray: :pray:

I wish someone like you had told me at first, but it’s been more than a week and I don’t know if the clipboard memory still stores the information. I use a Macbook pro 13’ and do not install any clipboard management software. Do you have any recommendations?

At that time, I was too worried about my fund and was chatting with the mod on the support ticket, not having time to follow the general chat. but the member’s question on Discord was 10 hours ago when the incidence happened, I copied the other stuff to the clipboard. And as far as I know at the moment (just learned it today), the default clipboard on Mac only stores the last item copied, and previous data is lost as soon as anything new is copied.

I am sorry to hear it, but it’s your fault, ser.
Make sure you transfer assets to the right address - try a small amount first.

Also, this proposal is totally no sense. Vote NAY.

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Let me explain you the context, this issue happend when Astar portal has the problem with EVM transfer, i do not know why my fund has appeared in the native empty address when i paste my EVM into account even if i do not know about this empty wallet. How could you copy and paste the empty address that u have no idea about its existence and never appeared in your device?
I am the guy just want my fund back and what i need now is a solution.

Thank you Saber for your valuable feedback, it complements my answer to Mr. @Maarten in #10-11 which is how to verify that the receiving account does not belong to anybody. Thanks to subscan, I found out that during the money transfer incident, a completely new account was created and my money was transferred there.

Very pleased with the feedback from the Councils and active members.

thank you @Saber for actively participating in my proposal :pray::pray: I understand what you mean, in theory it is very possible, but I think we should stop within the scope of Polkadot ecosytem.

Vote to use balances.forceTransfer call to return 161.999966 vDOT to the address Yt7waAytaaGH54SpSdCT4XxtzcyYEMDb7F38Zoqu2K9fKm3 from the address ZPQqW7pPWdzLdi7kkucK9Z6gg12DtumBiwGCg61k8mPgcpc.

Be sure to read the entire discussion and proposal before voting!

  • Yes
  • No
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Definitely ‘NO’
This is the web3 ecosystem and we are fully responsible for control over our assets. This is your fault and please check more than once to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

If the problem was caused by our network, I would say yes, but it is inherent in the web3 ecosystem. Your key/asset is your responsibility.

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