Astar general feedbacks from community - Doubts and criticisms

funny the the admin of astar network blocked me? are you kidding? thanks for the block dude, I think it’s a long way if this project talks about democracy, the community criticizes and you kick them like you want, my token is still locked on chain, i am an investor crowdloan, the funny thing is you don’t value voting from someone who supports your project until it can enter parachain, that’s all from the community, the admin who blocked me has a serious problem, and i just share toyota post on coin desk. because the news has a bug already exists. what’s wrong from there? even though it’s good to give news to the community, you all lack respect for the community. I am very disappointed and lost my sympathy. I am out plz blocked me again from this forum.

So what,I am the victor guy you said as a “fudder”,show me your spot or think before you talking shit,lmao,I used to be a supporter and bought astr hold for 1 month and followed every official account to witness exciting news changes from astar,but after January 1 month,i found that all you did was shit empty fake development and without brain tweets about oh great job sota,great work team,astar to the moon!haha,great for what?the dapps in astar dead in slience,the astar farm used to be good one,but you guys selected a food industry boy as leader and where is the latest update?And the childish 5 days countdown for a sponsorship from toyota with poor 100k prize,lmao,you guys serious for real?Aptos did a hackathon with a 1000 fans tweet account prize is 100k too,and aptos never brag itself a huge step while doing a hackathon,you may say hey buddy it is toyota!so what?not even a partnership just a shit sponsorship,100k from giant?A giant does not give a fuck about 100k waste in advertisement. And talk about jasmy bag,you motherfxker better watch your logic,who the fuck will bought jasmy at $4 and hold it till $0.003?Jasmy come on to market 2 years,I bought it 30k at price $0.0029 and 1 month later my spot 60k,it increasing more while bitcoin huge pumping,where is our great astar?1 month for what?A shithead stupid ass talk to me:it is a bear market,price went down is reasonable!go fuxk yourself idoit,if bitcoin in a downtrend and dump it is ok astr performed shit,but bitcoin did the largest pump since 2022 march,and your Japan product of the year,stayed on the ground?The real scammer SBF,his shitcoin $SRM also has a 140% pump in one day,your great $ASTR cant even find a real daily pump 10% candle in chart!dont talk to me with some future building to earn shit,that means your blind without brain motherfxcker never knows market,Aptos pumping huge and keep building at the same time,both developers and investors are satisfied,it only come on to market 4 months,your shit astar developed 1 year and dare to say you are baby?lmao,with this attitude,astar is a doom and failure for sure. Jasmy lowest daily trading volume 8 million usdt is the highest trading volume of astr last month,higher trading volume means higher market heat,you guys are just fucked up,everybody keeps saying oh you dump i buy,where is the demand?you just say so but without real money support,I am not looking for pump and sold out to take profit,but without pump and this zombie like chart candle movement really hurts holders confidence,especially while all the other coins pumped so much your astar pump the least dump the most. We hold for what?hold for your scam project falling down?hold for 1 year 90% decrease and not even a pump to recover confidence?hold for dead dapps brag?Market is the core thing not tech in crypto world,aptos ecosystem i experienced once,it sucks,tbh Astar can beat aptos’s ass in ecosystem build,but!so what?all the talents money capital vcs will select shit aptos not your star ASTAR!thats simple,market heat draws them. you guys only pathetic dreamed about astar to the moon and lead Japan web3 to nothing

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let’s get out of here, utility is not worth inflation, the team is just busy printing free money tokens, while we entrust the investment to be dumped continuously by the team!

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yo,i know you,the popular brainless shithead not even hold $1k astr in your wallet but always leave tweets like “good job” “great work” “nice team” shit,thanks for your stupid and shit speak out make astar a more scam project,thanks for your effort

agreed,did not see any come out from team,only a few like astar degens/ candygirl nft did a great job,others just play shit and dump tokens to pay themselves salary and bonus lol

they were just busy looking for fish because the whales had already left because they were blocked or considered to be fudder, even though what was said was the fact that the dapps in the Astar ecosystem were very far away, from the initial launch, the dapps team dumped token and exit liquidity, i am builder too on solana dude. I know it works to increase liquidty and exit liquidity slowly :eyes:

If you know last month Sota made another proposal he asked for 10% of the tokens for the team which was originally 5% but community not know where the wallet team. funny :clown_face::clown_face:

lol,lets take astar game as an example,the only come out from astar game was Astar farm,not even meet the quality of web2,dude you can go check the metapixel lauched by APTOS today,huge web3 game,easy beat astar from all aspects,meanwhile our food industry gameboy astar game leader sharing his daily and pathetic life on twitter,dont they have the sense of crisis?nah,they just dont care and ready for another brag and hype tweet dumping. I sincerely hope aptos in japan will kick them out of the market!

why are you still here?

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Just to confirm you are the no money but only tweet support shithead dare to doubt me as a fudder with over 1 million tokens holder and I hate in guts about crypto scam like astar team and their shit about build even come onto market for over 1year got defeated by 4 month birth aptos in all aspects and keep fooling people they are building,building for what?more dumping?Astar game is a shit and not even qualified for web 2,look how aptos metapixel today lauched web 3 game,you such a blind loser still dream trash astar take you to moon?only go to hell. Your beloved astar token market performance even lose to THE REAL SCAMMER SBF’s SHITCOIN $SRM, ARE YOU SATIESFIED?

if it is so bad, why are you still here?

leave, sell your bag and move on dude. buy some other tokens and if you get rekt there, don’t blame others.

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you blind?I said I hate crypto braggers and scam,and even you called me fudder brainlessly,so why cant i fight back?Yeah I already sold all my astar spot and move to other both pumping and building tokens,dont worry. I will leave now,hope 1 year later APTOS kick astar out of japan market and never see it again,good luck you guys

good luck to you too.


The only two sentences of Truth in your words.

Thank you for sharing.

@Victorthefudderlol You never held an important Astar amount, You Do Not are a true investor, you also do not have an notable astar address and didn’t have it.

Please kindly don’t try to lie to me.

Thank you

Here we go,imma waiting for shithead and poorfuck like you,without giving any proof and say I have no astr spot, you are the true liar and drama queen,go lick your daddy sota’s ball and hope him take your $1k
poor stake into 3k 5k, go ahead true liar drama queen dennisuck, sold all my spot, bye bye.

he is ambassadors but crtitize the team too, make anothers proposals, this guys great about playing victim :ballot_box_with_check:

i am never create proposals in here, and never attack someone in here, but you guys blockmed me, are you have problem?

if you look like the fud, you have serious problem about that