Astar general feedbacks from community - Doubts and criticisms

Hello everyone.
With this post I want to bring some feedback from the community that I feel should be worthy of attention.

Meanwhile I want to congratulate the whole Astar Network Team for the great work they are doing, congratulations. We are on the right track.

I am also very pleased to see that the tokenomics change has been introduced in the roadmap and that I hope will be along the same lines as the one just introduced on the Shiden Network, i.e. burn 100% of transaction fees, burn 10% of treasury quarterly, and burn unclaimed rewards.
All this because, although Astar Network is a valuable project, it is not yet conceived as such from large part of the community, as it gives value to the token, a bit like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Binance with BNB, etc. or behind a good project there it must be a valuable token with a tokenomics that gives hope for a good future not only for founders and developers, but also for those who believed in it and invested a lot of money.

I do not take into consideration those who criticize Astar Network because the token does not go up, as now people are taken by FOMO and tend to be unreasonable, what matters is the fundamental value, even if it is true that good tokenomics can help price growth and we must achieve a massive price growth for ASTR.

On a communicative level, an attitude that someone considers similar to that of Justin Sun is highly criticized by the community, i.e. many announcements that create hype, and then it is not clear whether they are ends in themselves or there is some concrete background, such as that of meeting between Sota Watanabe and the Japanese Finance Minister. Why are there no photos of it? Or relationships on the meeting? Or articles? Or at least something that indisputably proves that there was a meeting? How that news came out, similar to many others, it was taken by the community as something to create hype and nothing more. This type of comunication do not give trust to the project in my opinion.

Below I paste the post I saw on Twitter from a user who I think is quite popular in a sub-community dedicated to Astar Network. For privacy reasons I won’t put his name, but since Twitter is public, you just need to do a search to find it:
commmunity astar need someone development quality dapps to ecosystem astar, and growth community. like last year, too many people out and seller pleasure to token @AstarNetwork, investor lost %95 price since listing, can we wake up and make something ecosystem big? or anther dump
with respect in here im talking about dapps scammer, we need build great quality project, we need more trust and more adoption, tvl in ecosytem right now is lowest ever, this is my sense of disappointment to the developer.

If you see any grammatical errors in the bold lettering it is because I copied the user’s post as it was without changing anything.

This post was not made to criticize but only to reflect on some things that can be improved in terms of communication and also because I noticed that many people, at least in the Twitter community, are beginning to have doubts about Astar Network and founders.


Greetings @Tosco72

Thanks for your post. I appreciate the time and commitment to writing it out and bringing it to our attention. I’ll start by mentioning that you are totally on point in regards to posts that highlight important meetings between our C-level members and government officials. We will do better to add images and other material to compliment these posts on our main account.

As you can see in Sota’s personal account, the Minister of Economy and representatives of SONY and MUFG are present in the room (video and pictures are attached to the post).


Also attached is a picture of Sota with the first Digital Minister of the Japanese government from back in August:

All in all, there are other meetings that sometimes don’t have picture or videos. Some are interviews as well. Either way we thank you for bringing it up and will strive to include more visuals across all socials.

As per your other point, we have a service that tracks Twitter activity every day and picks up on positive, neutral and negative sentiments. We use this data to pinpoint what users or events bring about such sentiments. The marketing team uses this to learn from and act upon it. Ill share some images of what this looks like for better understanding:

Week of Jan 12th - Jan 18th:

Social mentions alert:

Daily sentiment graph:

Taking this data helps us determine that the current sentiment throughout this bear market is positive overall. Theres no grand indication of doubts of the team or founders, and actually its the opposite. This is based on the whole Twitter platform data related to Astar. As a personal note, what the Twitter algorithm feeds us in our own timeline is not necessarily what the big picture actually looks or feels like.

I share this openly here so that our community can see that Astar Network is intentionally tracking, discussing and strategizing ways to improve our reach, influence and overall brand in the greater blockchain space. This effort takes time and we hold weekly meetings to delve into it. We happily do it because its important for everyone involved - our team, builders, investors, and especially our community.

Granted there will always be a disgruntled user here and there, some of these instances or comments sometimes barely make an impact in the grand picture. Considering our resources and time, we will attend to ones if ever impactful. Just know that we consistently try our best to positively grow and expand to meet ours, and everyones, expectations.

Like our COO Shun likes to say “Feedback is a gift”. We thank you again for your feedback and encourage you to keep providing it when you can. Hope this response was helpful and informative.


Please make sure you are following Astar Network Official accounts (Twitter, Medium, and Telegram) and stay tuned for news.


Hello folks !

I have been following Astar from afar for 1 year now and more closely for 1 month and I wanna give you here my opinion as a “small” investor, as someone who knows nothing about computer programming and relatively little about blockchain tech.

Astar is really a tech project, certainly not the easiest to understand for someone like me who doesn’t come from this universe. So when you don’t fully understand the tech, what do you do ? You cling to other elements such as the team, the tokenomy, the token’s price or the hype around the project.

Actually, the less you understand the project, the more the hype on social networks will play an important role in your feeling/trust towards the project. And the problem is there, Astar is relatively complicated to understand (technically speaking) but there is not (at the moment) enough hype to attract people who don’t know much about tech.

Communication and marketing is what will bring people like me and make the community grow. I know that there are a lot of things put in place so I think the team has understood the issues well.

And concerning more specifically the announcements, the partnerships gave me enthusiasm but I also noticed that all these exciting news do not seem to have an impact on the ASTR. Sometimes I feel like people really don’t care because even great news doesn’t create hype on the social networks… As an investor, I just find frustrating that such announcements don’t impact the price. However, I am also aware that we are in a bear market and that it is difficult to find enthusiasm in this period… Fortunately for me, I believe deeply in the project and for me the price of the token in the short term is not a big deal because I think the value of Astar will reveal itself in the long term with the mass adoption of the blockchain’s technology and web 3.0. But I can understand people losing confidence seeing so little improvements in the price.

So I hope to see in the coming months even more communication and marketing, and I really look forward to see how Astar will perform during the next bull market. So Astar’s team, keep working hard on tech without forgetting communication and marketing. I wish you all a huge success!


Thanks for your feedback but you are just looking for a token pump. Astar works to make Web3 a reality. Soon people will realize… as Sota said: “We don’t predict the future because we are making the future”.


No if I was just waiting for a token pump I will not take time to write on this forum. I just think that without any hype (which materializes in an increase in the price of the token), you can do the best tech in the world with the most brilliant team, it will not make your project be widely adopted.

I hope you now understand my point better.
And yes Astar is making the future, I agree :wink:


I don’t think he was referring to a token pump but to the value of the token, he expressed the concept very badly, this is true, but I think he meant that the Astar Network project must also take into consideration its investors who therefore want to see the price of ASTR go up, because it is the opinion of many that inflation on the token is used to make dumps by certain subjects. We are all here for the long term, and no one wants to take advantage of pumps only but value is needed for the token, such as ETH, BNB, SOL, etc. all excellent projects but there is also a tokenomics that rewards those who believed and invested in them instead on Astar Network it seems that only a small group of people benefit from it.


Thanks a lot for the very detailed answer. But I specified the meeting with the Minister of Finance on January 12, 2023, while you instead sent me the photo of December 10, 2022.

If you go to Sota Watanabe’s Twitter profile, on January 12, 2023 he published that on the same day he had met with the Japanese Finance Minister, but there is no photo and I invite you to read the comments.
The post is where it says: Fortunately, I had the opportunity to speak directly with the Minister of Finance, Government of Japan today in person. As a result, I am now more bullish on this year’s Web3 in Japan.

By the way, thanks for sharing the details. But I think that to increase communication it is necessary to make people perceive the value because regardless of the data, which I trust, I see many people starting to make comparisons with Justin Sun, and criticizing tokenomics, not out of greed but because it does not seem to bring real value to its holders, as is the case with other realities such as ETH, BNB, SOL, AVAX, SAND, etc. For this I hope that the tokenomics change will take place.


Astar is a 1-year baby and its core is WASM which is under development yet… Polkadot and Astar are pushing hard ink! In the meantime, we are bringing the entire Japan to our chain and looking to the new tech for smart contracts. Our star will shine soon.

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Thank you for your proposal. ( I know it’s just Categories ).

Doubts and criticisms ? feedbacks from community ?

From one of the community menber, I DONT have ANY doubts or criticisms.
And also I DONT have ANY Token( $ASTR and $SDN ). yes i have some gass fee.

For one developper I have some $SBY and some HOPE in this COMMUNITY.
so You can do anythng with your own will.

Thank you for your post, again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And waiting for your future proposal, again. :four_leaf_clover:


I enclose some screenshots of some comments that you can find under the profile of Astar Network and under the profile of Sota Watanabe. I am also attaching the post of January 12, 2023 in which there was, theoretically, a meeting with the Minister of Finance, but you instead sent me the photo of December 10, 2022, which has nothing to do with the one I was talking about, as it was stated that on the same day 12 January 2023 the finance minister was met.

I strongly believe in Astar Network and I find that it has enormous and immense potential, however we must also take into account those who believed in it, if only the developers are considered, the project quickly turns into a huge farm&dump scheme, which perhaps can also be successful, but success is at the expense of investors.

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I have just posted other feedback above, the doubts and criticisms I have expressed are not only mine but a good part of the community. The fact that you do not hold ASTR and SDN does not give a good message, in the sense that there are many people who believed in it and hold ASTR and SDN, but above all ASTR since it will be the main channel. Sure it’s going to be great for developers, but if it hurts investors and let to make money only to developers who dump the token that’s a problem.


First of all and most importantly, I am NOT tweeting to pump token nor provide any financial advice. The value of our tokens does not come from the Japanese Government, but from our constant development and relentless efforts.

The reason why I am not sharing the photos is that it was prohibited to take photos. I think such cases are very common. I am meeting with the Japanese government because I believe that web3 is moving beyond the geek toy phase and into the mass adoption phase, and to do so, we do need to build an effective relationship with the government, and as a Japanese citizen, I want to contribute to the Japanese nation.

I think the argument about whether I met the Minister of Finance is very meaningless but attached his business card. Since there is no private info on the business card, I believe it is ok to share it here.

I think the really valuable conversation is the token economics part and we need to consider regarding that part. Currently, most of the criticisms are very limited points of view and not based on numbers. To improve token economics, we need to discuss comprehensive economics, and to do that, we need to come up with alternatives with numbers.


I submit input to the developer:
1.integrate the astar token into the trust wallet because of what? The trust wallet is a popular wallet and I often see users who are used to it not really familiar with the polkadot.js wallet
2. I see that Astar will collaborate with Solana or BNB
I am important that it would be great if it could be realized as soon as possible, because getting a lot of benefits, the 2 blockchains have a large and solid community. and of course if Astar can approach the 2 blockchains, many communities will automatically join.
3. ledger staking problem, many investors use the ledger to stake their tokens in the ledger, and the problem in receiving prizes, this must be fixed as soon as possible for the convenience of investors
4. complex dapp staking schemes, the team should be able to explain more easily and efficiently to investors and realize new dapp staking schemes that are easy to understand for people who don’t understand
5. the challenge for developers is to create a project that makes the Astar hype return to what it used to be despite the many bad incidents, such as the Orcus Finance project. make one name for the community so that it doesn’t overlap by calling them astarian or astarnauts? creating projects that can embrace communities like astardegens, making them more militant towards us with projects that are more interesting and mutually beneficial to both parties.
I just voiced my opinion and saw complaints from the Astar community, maybe some of the retail investors’ team is not influential, but we are here to talk because of our love for Astar, maybe some developers find it easy to talk, but that’s what the community and team do, support each other in the way they can .
im still lovin this project :blush::pray:t2:


with my respect as a community here, if you underestimate the presence of the community too much, I don’t know what the future will be like. because behind a successful project there is a community that supports it. and if someone says it’s normal because Astar is only a year old, I think if you want to compare it to other projects like Aptos, which hasn’t been a year on mainnet, you will be motivated.
we here support you keep build to community
and dont forget stay heathly to developer

this Victor guy is a constant fudder. why are you even bothered by him?

he kept criticizing astr price but at the same time shilling his jasmy bag. jasmy dropped from $4 to $0.005. Did you even ask why he is doing this?

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@Tosco72 I’m totally disagree with you 1001% in everything you said above.

You are criticizing and attacking Astar using false arguments with 0 base.

Where is the supposed Twitter user you mention, it is real? Where is the “we” the community you mean you represent? In your imagination?

This is Astar Network Forum not a Drama TV Channel. Please Kindly go to Netflix. Thank you

Dear @Dennis, this forum is indeed not a TV drama, it is a free space for discussion where we can exchange with respect and kindness. You apparently don’t agree (1001%) with another member, but is that a reason to be rude to him?

Let’s stay correct and open to what others have to say, so that this place remains a space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.

I hope you won’t take my remark the wrong way, know that I appreciate your involvement and enthusiasm for the project :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for hurting your sentiments. Thank you for sharing your opinion.