Information hub for Astar/Shiden

Hi everyone.

I am planning to launch Astar/Shiden related semi-official and community-driven site to complement ( or

So I want to discuss this idea with the community first.

Project goals:

— Increase Astar/Shiden ecosystem awareness around the globe;
— Create well-structured, multilanguage and comprehensive information base (for both developers and common users);
— Provide Astar/Shiden DAO tools/mechanisms which cannot be offered via this forum or on-chain governance (e.g. extended voting/discussion tools etc.)

Quick overview.

Dev section (2 subsections)

  1. Overview of available developer’s tools (Remix etc.)
  2. Video and text tutorials (how to…). Multilanguage section.
    I like the way it’s done on Ethereum site: Ethereum Development Tutorials | Every developer can submit a tutorial.
    Additionally, I thought about donation system: tutorial submitter can provide his Astar/Shiden address and if somebody finds it´s helpful he can send some tokens.

(I thought about docs section, but we already have it on the official site)

Common users section (2 subsections)

  1. About Astar/Shiden simplified (+ up-to-date FAQ). Multilanguage section;
  2. Video and text tutorials (E.g. how to generate Astar address, how to stake etc.). Multilanguage section.

Tutorials about Astar/Shiden and projects within the ecosystem allowed.
Donate system for tutorials authors.

dApps section

  1. Well-structured dApps directory with reviews etc.
  2. New dApps overviews.

DAO section

Might be an important part of this site but just an idea ATM, need more discussions. The main goal is to provide extended voting/discussion tools compared to the forum or on-chain governance.

Other sections:

— Ecosystem news;
— Fanshop etc.

So it would be great to hear some thoughts from the community about this project:

— Your general opinion;
— Suggestions (may be with examples). E.g. you like specific section or function on some site and you would like to see this function on this site.
I am planning to collect community feedback during 1-2 weeks and start after.

Thank you for your attention.


KILT, a competitor and a great project, complements the information with clankilt[.]io. It consists of six simple sections.

Videos - The how to’s and features are explained on youtube and other sites
Articles - A collection of medium and important press releases etc
FAQ - It answers frequently asked questions in a question-and-answer format
Ideas - An Idea Book of Possibilities for What You Can Do with Project Technology
Museum - Festival of Memes lol
Challenges - Incentive design to encourage posting of the above

These are separated by a simple tile design and are very easy to understand. The posts have social features and can be easily measured for effectiveness. Respect.


Great initiative @igporoshin, we definitely need a website like that.

I like the suggestion of @cryptodmeme with simple categories for commons users and I would love to see a museum of memes and stickers of Astar. :grin:. The idea of the clan kilt website is nice but I don’t like the design, we could do something better.

However, we should have 4 big sections as you proposed for the dev, commons users, dApps staking and DAO.

I propose something like :

Dev section (English)

  • Articles (dev, code, etc)
  • FAQ
  • Ideas

Common users section (Multilanguage)

  • Videos (tutorials)
  • Articles (Medium, subsocial etc)
  • FAQ
  • Museum (Meme, sitckers, video, music etc)
  • Challenge

dApps section (Multilanguage)

  • Well-structured dApps directory with reviews etc.
  • New dApps overviews.

DAO section (Multilanguage)

Let us know if you need something, I will help you and doing french translation for Astar.


Thank you for this great feedback! Im preparing 1 bunch of schematic mockups for this site and will publish them very soon for public discussion.


That’s a great idea!
Leave the Japanese translation to me. This is the first public blockchain in Japan, so I think we can reach Japanese people well.

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Hi all.

This is a first draft of mockups → click to view and download jpeg

Every feedback will be useful!

It would be great if core team participants check Astar advantages (inside the red box in What is Astar and How to start pages.)

The plan is to start with educational functional only. I keep in mind memes, challenge and other things, but it less important. dApps overviews doesn’t matter before fully functional network launch and working dApps. So this is the features for the next iterations.

NOTE (just in case):

— This is not a final design, just a scheme.


Great work man & also like the idea.
I send you some notes on Telegram, if you want to create a workgroup for this feel free to create a group on Telegram and post the link here. Happy to join!


Hi Igor,
I haven’t had the time to have a look at your drafts. Now, they are gone. Any chance you can upload them again ?

Hi Gunit,

Sure: DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

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Hi. The site is done:

@Maarten @Gunit here is a workgroup on Telegram Telegram: Join Group Chat. I posted some proposals/plans there.

Join please. Everyone is welcome :slight_smile:


Nice website, well done.

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