Astar Network logo

I think we still need to make a little effort regarding the Astar Network logo…

What do you think ?

This kind of logo look modern ?

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Thanks for your feedback. I do like the new logo :slight_smile:
Think this is more of a personal opinion


I like it a lot - Great Job Team! It almost has a little resemblance to my logo, which could be true or not regardless this post and the comment of a “shuriken rocket” aged really well, even considering that the name is now ASTA (which has connotations of space hence rocket)!!! :slight_smile:


Personally, i think that people recognize and remember images faster than text…

A study has published that:

95% of the logos of the big brands use one or two colors

41% of brands use stylized logos

93% are simple enough to be recognized at smaller sizes

37% of logos are based solely on text

To conclude, creating a poorly thought-out logo can very easily destroy the image of your company.

On the contrary, a carefully designed logo can reach the audience of potential buyers and communicate your company’s values to them.

Therefore, it all depends on the design of your logo…

some examples :slight_smile:


Or if you turn the logo you have the A from Astar:


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Hi Maarten,
Looks like a video game logo…

So what about to turn the logo?))))