Website improvements to help growth of shiden

Right now the dApps hup and the products we have focus and are heavily themed and their color pallets are based on Astar.

I think an improvement for this is to change the theme/colors and logo when changing the network to shiden.

We want to have it more adventurous and in your face when using shiden when compared to Astar. We can even try awesome UI stuff on shiden, things that might not be the best to roll out directly to Astar.

when changing the network to shiden in the app the color and logo should change to fit shiden more.

It shouldn’t be much work for developers, and I think it’s something easy, yet effective.

Leave your thoughts :thought_balloon: everyone and let me know if you support this.


Thank you for your feedback. This is what I also think of. It would be helpful if you could make this issue on github page GitHub - PlasmNetwork/astar-apps: The official Astar Network portal for accessing your tokens and other native features!

And wanna heard @hoonkim @willpark @bobo 's opinions.


Overall, it’s a good idea. but we need check if the component is coupled with specific color as inner css stuff. For further development, you can add a feature issue for changing theme color.


Will do, hopefully it’s a quick but you might need to use some javascript to get the color/logo switching working. Will post this on the github as it seems everyone finds it a good idea.

Done :white_check_mark:.

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